July 16, 2015


You might have noticed from the (many) Jo Malone photos on Instagram that I recently got my hands on a few products. And the first one I'm reviewing for you is the bath oil. 

Ah, Jo Malone London, one of my favorite recent discoveries. Jo Malone London has that typical British touch. The bottles are all rather simple, but look so fancy with the beautiful gift wrapping in cream and black. Jo Malone is that label you bring to a dinner party. (I know I sure would appreciate some Jo Malone goodness as a host!)

The bottle is quite simple, and the whole Jo Malone line looks very much alike. There is actually only  one downside I found: the bottle is made from plastic. I really thought it would be glass. I saw online that they sometimes have glass bath oil bottles, and I would definitely buy those if I could. 
The box/gift wrapping is beautiful, it really defines Jo Malone as a brand.

The scent is 'Vanilla & Anise'. Online I would have never went with this scent, because I really dislike anise. Also vanilla can be pretty annoying and smell like one of those little tree car fresheners. But the magic of Jo Malone is that it combines the right scents, adds the right tones and all that in the right proportions. All of their fragrances are in perfect harmony. You can smell a hint of anise, just enough to give it that special touch.

You only need to use one or two cups in bath, but I switch between two and three. I just love having a relaxing bath that smells nice. My skin also felt softer after using the oil in my bath water.

Jo Malone London - Vanilla & Anise Bath Oil (€50 for 250ml)

If you're in for a relaxing bathroom treatment, the Jo Malone bath oil is exactly what you're looking for. I know I will be trying out some other scents when this bottle is empty!

Did you know Jo Malone?

Love, Rani


  1. It looks really really classy! And I love how this one smells!

  2. wat een prachtige foto's weer, en het ziet er mij zo'n leuk product uit!

  3. Gorgeous photos!!! :) Sounds like a great bath scent! Wonderful review.

  4. I am a huge fan of vanilla, but anise though? I dunno... not too keen on that. But maybe if it's subtle enough I can still tolerate it.


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