July 14, 2015


Today I'm showing you one of my absolute favorite make-up products ever, in a limited edition for this summer:
The Guerlain Météorites Rainbow Pearls.

Météorites is the name of a whole collection from Guerlain. It's all based around catching light on your face, and reflecting it in a healthy shine.

The pearls I'm going to show you are a limited edition for this summer only, called 'Rainbow Pearls'. 

The packaging is simply stunning. This is the prettiest box of make-up I own. Literally nothing comes even close to how gorgeous this box is. (You would just purchase it because of the packaging!)
The box is made out of a metal that resembles porcelain. Porcelain would have been nice too, but I think I would break mine soon. It's not so convenient to take a little porcelain jar with you in your bag for example, so I get why they went with metal.

The lid is what makes the packaging stand out. It's a gold metal lid, with a beautiful design on it. The Guerlain 'G' with a mandela of flowers around it in pastels.

It's insanely pretty.

There are little meteorite balls inside, in (bright) pastel colors. The normal variant has softer colors, that's why this limited edition is called 'Rainbow Pearls'.

There is also a little sponge/cushion included, I always leave it on top of the pearls. It protects the pearls against rubbing too much against each other.

What exactly does these météorites do?
They're a highlighting face powder, but also a setting powder.

Swatches are really useless when it comes to this powder, but I still made some.
Left are the meteorites swatched one by one - you can not use them this way - to show you they each give off their own bright color. On the right there is a swatch when I padded the pearls with the cushion and went for a 'heavy' swatch, so you can see the difference. You can't see the bright colors anymore, all it leaves is a white highlighting trace. Of course when applying it to your whole face, you have to use it like your regular setting powder. A bit on the brush and apply it lightly all over your face to set your make-up with it. It's more like the top of the right swatch, but on photo it isn't really noticeable then, so I made it quite heavy just to show it to you.

Why am I such a fan?
Because you can use this all over your face. I do like shimmery highlighters for the cheekbones, but you can't highlight your whole face with it. Liquid highlighters can quickly be 'too much' and with the meteorites you can't overdo it. (Unless you really, really go for it and you deliberately go for the geisha look.)

You can see on the first photo above that there is some loose powder at the bottom. That's because the balls rub against each other. It's not a problem, you can use the powder too.

So in short:
Lightly all over the face to set the make-up and catch the light, more heavily on the cheekbones (and nose, chin) to highlight. 

Guerlain - Météorites Rainbow Pearls (limited edition - €48)

This sure is the beginning of a collection. There are also blush météorites and there will be more limited editions. But even the other products like the pressed météorites, or the primers look amazing, so it's an official life goal to collect them all and show them to you guys.
If I would make a not monthly, but forever 'favorites list' I think this one would be on top. Yes, that's how much I like it.

Oh, and I also want to thank Charlotte for the best birthday make-up gift I could get. Thank you!

Have you ever tried the Météorites pearls?

Love, Rani


  1. Everything about it is so beautiful! I really like it!

  2. Zo'n mooie foto's! Ik dacht eigenlijk dat de parels veel duurder waren, maar ze zijn echt nog goed van prijs.
    Ik denk dat ik deze snel ga halen, want ze zijn gewoon te mooi.

    xx Amélie

  3. Ooh Rani, these are amazing! They are stunning!

  4. i really want to try the guerlain meteorites, they look so stunning!

    CLUB AVENUE / http://club-avenue.blogspot.com / instagram

  5. Het ziet er echt mooi uit! Zo'n mooie kleuren! x

  6. Ik had ze al op Snapchat voorbij zien komen een paar dagen geleden en wow, op deze foto's zijn ze nóg mooier!

  7. Die parels lijken me een superfijn product!

  8. That container is absolutely gorgeous. I want it just for that! And the macaroons look yummy! Great review and gorgeous pictures!!! :)


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