June 28, 2015


Color explosion! That's something you don't see often here.
But in summer, we wear pink!

Summer is the perfect time to wear pink, from lipstick and lipgloss to highlighter and nail polish. It's just fresh and cheerful: pure summer. 
There are a lot of pinkies I have already showed you (Dior, Givenchy, YSL,...). But there are also some new ones that are coming up in a bit, like the Rose de Vine by Caudalie, a new Clinique lipgloss, the Benefit erase paste,... So soon more details about those!

There is one lipstick that I haven't showed you yet: a Black Up fuchsia colored one!

I absolutely needed to show you this one, because it's a color that is new to my collection, I haven't got a single one that resembles this color. 

I have to be honest, this is my first encounter with the label, I had never heard of them before. So when I looked it up I was quite surprised. It's a French label and they focus on ladies who originate from Africa as they say on their website. They only have foundations for colored ladies, but that doesn't mean I can't try their lipstick, right? 

I'm pretty happy with this lipstick, the pigmentation is great. And it brings on very smooth. The stay is good, slightly longer than a normal, good lipstick. A big plus is that they have original lipstick colors, colors you don't see that often in regular collections.

Black Up - Lipstick in color 20 (available at Douglas - €20,95)

Next week it's going to be very hot here, so these pink tones will definitely be worn! Oh, and do you like my Clinique summer bag? So bright and colorful! 

Have you ever heard of the lipstick's label? 
And do you wear more colorful make-up in summer?

Love, Rani


  1. I'm very curious about all those products you still have to post about. I like the color of that lipstick and I can't wait to see how it looks on you!

  2. Beautiful pink picks! I like pink as well, but for the moment I am madly in love with corals (again), especially the orange-leaning ones! I'd like to hear your take on Erase Paste. I tried it but it really didn't work for me, as it wouldn't set and would NOT stay put!

  3. Heel leuk zo'n merk, ik denk dat meiden met een kleurtje hier ook wel echt nood aan hebben. Verder is het een hele mooie lipstick!

    1. Dat denk ik ook! Vaak is er hier heel weinig keuze in foundations bv.

  4. Love all the pink!! Gorgeous pictures!

  5. love the color and I didn't know the brand!

  6. What a beautiful pink flatlay! And that pink color is very 'summer' love it!
    x Char


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