June 17, 2015


There are too few vegan beauty products. 
Douglas has a line called 'Douglas Naturals' with 12 products that are biological ànd completely vegan. Reason enough to try them out!

From the 12 products I'm showing you 3 of the most popular ones. The body oil, hand cream and face serum.

I love this hand cream. Because the scent is so natural, and it actually smells like summer. It takes me back to memories on the beach. I normally don't ever use hand creams because I find them too greasy. This one feels soft and quite nice - although I still prefer freshly washed hands without hand cream. 

The face serum is the most expensive one from the whole Naturals line. 
This serum promises to soften, protect, revitalize and hydrate the skin. 

All of the products have Argan oil in them. The face serum has other active ingredients like hyaluronic acid and ginger extracts. None of the products contain any synthetic coloring, perfume or parabens. They all smell familiar to each other, (although not the same) because of the essential oils they used as perfume. 

What I noticed the most when using it was the softening component. It feels nice to apply and the watery formula doesn't leave a greasy filter. 

The body oil is a very fluid oil, and I like it! 
I used this one on my legs to keep my skin elastic. Some body oils can be hydrating, and this one is.

The box also says it has an antioxidant effect, that it smoothens dry skin, moisturizes and promotes cell renewal. It definitely smoothens dry skin with the oily, yet very fluid formula.

Here you can see the different textures. (Top to bottom: body oil, face serum, hand cream.)

Douglas Naturals - Body Oil (€24,95)
Douglas Naturals - Face Serum (€29,95)
Douglas Naturals - Hand Cream (€9,95)

What makes me superhappy about these products is that they are vegan. They're all natural and simply have nothing to do with any animals. They also contain argan-oil, which I only heard great things about. And even without any synthetic perfumes, they smell great.
All the products can of course be found at Douglas

Have you got any vegan products on your shelf?

Love, Rani


  1. It's great that Douglas has so much vegan products!

  2. Ik wist niet dat douglas ook eigen verzorgingsproducten had! En cruelty free, yes yes yes!

    x Fien

  3. Sounds amazing, argan-oil is so good for you, I use it daily.

  4. Wonderful review! I have the same issue with hand creams. I find them too greasy too. I always end up feeling like I have to wash my hands right after using them. Good to hear about one that doesn't do that. Gorgeous pictures! :)

  5. Oh deze producten lijken me fijn! biologisch is altijd beter x


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