May 15, 2015


Very Irrésistible is a popular and well-known fragrance. But there currently is a beautiful, floral limited edition. Say hello to: Mes Envies Irrésistible!

Actress Amanda Seyfried is the face of this perfume and campaign. Like the name says (Mes Envies Irrésistibles), the story behind the fragrance are our irresistible desires. 
Amanda takes us on a journey throughout her ideal day in Paris. She starts the day with a lovely breakfast and then goes directly to the highlight of the day: a shopping trip (of course!). After the exhausting shopping spree, it's time for a relaxing break. And later on, when the night falls, she's ready to go out.
Sounds like a perfect parisian day, right?

This packaging is one of the prettiest I've seen on a perfume. The box is hot-pink with roses on it. But the real eyecatcher is the cute bow tie around the bottle. It looks so pretty, and you can even use it as an accessory. I also got a matching scarf, and I fell in love with that one. You will probably see it in some outfitpost later on! 
The bottle itself is the same like the normal 'Very Irrésistible', but the colors (see-through and pink) are reversed.

 The scent is, as you would expect, very floral. The composition is centered on rose, the queen of flowers and a symbol of beauty and love. It includes accords of peony rose, California roses, passion rose, fantasia rose, emotion rose and star anise.
Normally I'm not a flower-perfume-person , but I like this one! At first I wasn't really sure about how I felt, but I started to like it more and more with each sniff I took. And now I actually really like it!
It smells really sweet, but also so familiar (and I don't know why!).
Oh, and it stays long! The scarf I sprayed it on, still smells like it after two days!

Very Irrésistible, Mes Envies Irrésistibles by Givenchy (Eau de toilette - €62.80 for 50ml) 
Limited Edition

So, the first floral perfume that I like. Now that's something! And next to that, the packaging is just beautiful. 

What do you think about the packaging? Have you tried any of the 'Very Irrésistible' perfumes?

Love, Rani


  1. Definitely one of the coolest packaging there is! That bow tie is so pretty! And I hope that an outfitpost with that scarf will be online soon, because it's absolutely beautiful!

  2. The scarf looks amazing! And I have one of the very irresistible perfumes and i love it, maybe have to add this one to the collection too...

    xx Vannia

  3. your pictures are heaven as always, you can even make a perfume interesting. love it girl! - Jasmine

  4. Such beautiful pictures as always!!! I love the packaging of that bottle!

  5. Wauw, alweer prachtige foto's!
    Liefs Iep

  6. Wauw wat een prachtige foto's! Ik ben echt helemaal verliefd op de sjaal!

  7. Die ga ik zeker eens uittesten in de parfumerie!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  8. Love Givenchy fragrances!

    x Abby


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