August 26, 2014


These are the glasses I chose, I went for a bigger model, that fits my face best. The rounder shapes are the trend for fall. But a real round frame doesn't fit me well, so I went for just round edges. The lines in the material have little sparkles, just a little, not too much. A lovely detail. The temples have the well known Chanel logo and a furry lining, again, lovely details. Chanel is all about the details. Karl Lagerfeld is very creative when it comes to designing glasses and the glasses often have signature Chanel details like pearls, a chain,...

Now I'm very curious what you think about my new pair of glasses! Do you like them?

Love, Rani


  1. Those glasses are just perfect! The furry lining is a really nice touch.

  2. I love Chanel glasses! This one is just perfect!

  3. I love these glasses. I have to wear glasses to read, & I'm so thankful that my favorite designer labels also make frames! If I have to wear glasses, at least they're couture! lol

  4. Heel mooi! Je hebt de foto's heel mooi gemaakt!

  5. great pictures and love those glasses! xx

  6. Mooie bril, ik ben nu wel benieuwd hoe die staat ook eigenlijk!

  7. Erg mooie bril, zelf heb ik een bril van RayBan

  8. Beautiful glasses! :)

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