August 26, 2014


I told you yesterday about the 'glasses-week'. Where to buy your glasses? An important question, so I'm going to review the three options for you: the chain company, the smaller family boutique and the online shop.

GrandOptical is the first optics store I wanted to review.
GrandOptical is a big chain company, with many stores (28) in Belgium in big shopping centers or cities. But they also are located in many different countries.

When I got there, I was welcomed by the marketing manager of GrandOptical Belgium. We talked about GrandOptical and their vision. Patricia, the manager, told me that GrandOptical wants to work with their clients in a very personal approach. 

They have a very up to date assortiment, from classic, to modern, to the latest trends and big designers. Between how many glasses can you choose? 500-1000 optical glasses and 200-400 sunglasses! That's  a lot of choice! And they update their assortiment continuously, so you can be sure of the latest trends.

Then it was time for me to go pick out some glasses, everyone wanted to help and give style advice, such lovely people in the store! I decided to go for a pair of Chanel's. Chanel are actually the only glasses that really fit my face.

After I decided, I let them test my eyes and I was so surprised by their professional approach. They tested my eyes in so many ways, even my eye doctor didn't do those tests.
All of the 'salesmen' at GrandOptical are opticians, so no worries, you're in great hands.

What definitely shocked me the most (in a good way) was that my glasses were ready... in an hour! One hour, and I could take my new glasses home!

I'm really enthusiastic about GrandOptical, because of the friendly people, who really are interested in you and the hundreds of glasses where you can choose from.

I will definitely stop by GrandOptical again!

Did you already know GrandOptical? There probably is one close to you.

Love, Rani


  1. I do know them. I don't need glasses, so I never visited one. But if I need new sunglasses i'll definitly have a look at one of their stores.

  2. I know them too, they are always so helpful in the store

  3. Die bril waar je een aparte foto van hebt is echt heel gaaf!

  4. Ik ken ze uit Hasselt, nog niet binnen geweest, dringend eens doen!

  5. seems like a great service!


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