August 27, 2014


One of my favorite windows when shopping in Leuven is the window from Vandenbalck Optics. I always stand there and stare at the most amazing glasses and sunglasses, all laid out carefully. That's why I chose them to review as option 2 for buying glasses: the design boutique.
Meet Vandenbalck: the best choice of design optics when you're around Leuven.

When you walk in the store you get immediately a warm, cosy feeling. It's not a big warehouse, but a gorgeous little store. The store breathes fashion and the colors all fit together, from the walls, to the racks, even to the orchids!
Well done, interior architect, well done.

I sat down with Catherine, owner of the store and we talked about the new trends and how she approaches optics with her store. She has a whole different tactic of picking out glasses than other stores. She decides on the fairs what to pick based on her clients. That's what's nice about a smaller store, she knows every one of the customers, and she knows their style and what they want. 
Catherine says that that's important nowadays, people are rushing from one place to another, so it's very convenient if your optician knows what you want and has the right designs. The things she picks out can be more 'commercial' designs like Chanel, Valentino, Prada for example, but Vandenbalck also has some very exclusive and rare brands like: Barton Perreira, Hervé Domar,... 

I picked out a pair of Barton Perreira's, they're very exclusive because only 11 stores in Belgium sell it. More about my new glasses can you find here.

Catherine is always busy with her store, soon she'll be in Paris for buyings, after that in Berlin and so on. The collection is renewed many times a year, not only in spring and fall.
So she's very up to date on every single issue, from contacts, to the new trends of sunglasses.
According to her this fall/winter the big trend is 'simple'.
Simple designs, simple colors.

What I personally liked the most about Vandenbalck is that the designs are more special than what you can find in other optic stores. She only has the latest trends and special designs, so that guarantees an original design on your nose. 

How gorgeous are these sunnies? 

Love, Rani


  1. I know this store from Leuven, their collection is just perfect!

  2. That store just looks perfect...

  3. There are some really beautiful designs here, particularly the pair of sunglasses with embellished sides! Catherine's work life sounds quite exciting too, with travelling to Paris and Berlin! :)
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  4. Oh, ik fiets altijd langs hen door als ik naar de les ga! Ik wist niet dat ze zo'n leuke dingen hadden, ik heb toch een nieuwe bril nodig, dus ik ga volgende week denk ik eens langs xx

  5. Die laatste zonnebril met diamantjes, wauuuuuw!


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