April 25, 2018

Urban Decay - Hi-Fi Shine Lip Gloss

Lip glosses made a big comeback and when Urban Decay releases a completely new line of lip glosses you know they're here to stay too. 
Meet the brand-new Hi-Fi Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss!

Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss

The name of the new glosses refers to it's ultra shininess and their cushion-soft application. And they did not steal their name: the formula feels velvety soft on the lips - so nice! The applicator itself is also cushion-soft and very flexible, which allows you to work very precisely. It also takes up the right amount of product, just enough and not too much. 

The formula contains vitamin E to hydrate and -you'll notice this the minute you open the gloss- a good amount of peppermint oil. The first time when I applied the gloss (without reading any additional information) I wondered if it had a plumping effect, because I could smell the peppermint oil and it tingled on the lips. And it does! It does have a plumping effect. As for stickiness, your hair might get stuck as it's a wet formula, but they don't feel sticky on the lips. Velvety is the right term to describe how they feel, velvety comfortable.

Shades & Swatches

The full collection of glosses contains 20 shades going from the perfect pink to the popular 1993 to a stunning holographic shade. There are also 4 different finishes: metallic, holographic, cream and sheer cream.


Obsessed has a sheer cream formula, and you can see it right away on the swatches. It's super comfortable and I think this is a universal pink shade that everyone can wear. It's your lips, but with a gloss!


Savage is a cream formula and you can see that it has a higher coverage than Obsessed, the electric pink shade is daring, but oh so pretty. The formula smears out completely even, it's not patchy at all.

Candy Flip

Candy Flip is my favorite, it's a holographic lavender with blue-pink sparkle. It's absolute stunning in real, and it was not super easy to capture on photo - but I hope you can see the gorgeous sparkles. It's so incredibly beautiful, I was absolutely mesmerized when I first saw it. I mean, I just need every holo from this collection. (Also, after swatching 3 glosses and wiping them off, can you see that my lower lip already is a little bit more plumped than in photo 1?)

Urban Decay - Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss in Obsessed, Savage and Candy Flip (€22,50)

I am loving this new launch, comfy glosses with a wide variety of colors - yes please!
The line will be available from 30/04 at Ici Paris XL or online.

Love, Rani


  1. Candy Flip is such an original and amazing color! And it looks great on you. SPL would be a great color for you too!

  2. Wat staat candy flip ontzettend gaaf! Savage is ook te gek!

  3. Heerlijke producten. Zowel de swatches als de verpakkingen áls jouw foto's vind ik super mooi. Die lipgloss hulzen zijn zo pretty, die zou ik alleen om de buitenkant al wel willen hebben. Love it! <3


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