January 20, 2017

Darphin - Ideal Resource Night

A little appreciation post for my favorite night cream at the moment, hello Darphin Ideal Resource Overnight Cream!

Ideal Resource Light Re-Birth Overnight Cream

Remember when I got a travel bag with all kinds of little samples? I discovered this cream and immediately fell in love. 

I haven't got much to add to my first impression really, it's still my favorite night cream. It hydrates my skin, softens it and makes it look re-energized. The cream helps your skin get into 'night mode', because (as Estee Lauder also says with their Advanced Night Repair) at night the skin renewal is busier than during daytime. This actually is my first light anti-aging product. I never specifically looked for one, this one just fell into my lap in the form of a sample and I really liked it. It was later on that I found out that it's also anti-age.

The cream is enriched with neroli essential oil, n-acetyl glucosamine and salicylic acid which helps smooth the skin's surface. Darphin products are also paraben free.

How to apply a la Darphin, for a relaxing routine at night:

1) Breathe out slowly, 3 times. And slowly massage the temples of your head. 
2) Try to relax. Take the cream now between your fingers en breathe in the fragrance.
3) Enjoy the texture. Massage the cream in on face and neck.
4) Stimulate the lymph. Make little circular motions between the collar bones and make your way up to your chin. Repeat up to your cheeks and close of the little massage by pressing your hands against the sides of your face. Slowly let the pressure take of.

Darphin - Ideal Resource Light Re-Birth Overnight Cream (€50,40)

After a couple of months I'm still convinced by this cream. It became one of my skincare staples which I use on a daily base and I'm very happy with it.

Do you use (light) anti-aging products?

Love, Rani


  1. Your pictures are really beautiful! I loved reading this post, it sounds like a great product and it looks pretty.

  2. Great review! love the packaging. sounds like a great product. GORGEOUS pictures RAni!


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