December 4, 2016

Rituals - Advent Calendar 2016

My most coveted advent calendar this year was Rituals. My love for Rituals is pretty big, and when I heard they released an advent calendar this year, I was already counting down the days until I could get my hands on it. Was it worth it? Let's take a look!

The Ritual Of Advent

The Rituals calendar is huge! It's the biggest calendar I have, it's about 3 times bigger than Benefit for example. The packaging is very pretty, gold and red with 24 doors. Each door contains a (deluxe) sample and a little text written on the inside of the door. The whole calendar breathes the Rituals vibe.

And as we're doing this year, I will list the products below. So spoiler alert!


What's in the advent calendar?

1) Miracle Mascara (4ml)
2) Voyage En Inde Perfume (10ml)
3) Fortune Oil (20ml)
4) Boutique Line Bath and Shower Gel (30ml)
5) Calming Bed and Body Mist (20ml)
6) Magic Touch Body Cream (10ml)
7) Nail file
8) Hands Free (50ml)
9) Samurai Shower Gel (50ml)
10) Balance Line Soap Bar (25g)
11) Zensational Foaming Shower Gel (50ml)
12) Happy Buddha Shower Gel (50ml)
13) Honey Touch Body Cream(70ml)
14) Deep recovery Night Cream (5ml)
15) Scrub Glove
16) 24H Hydrating Gel Cream (5ml)
17) The Ritual Of Dao Body Cream (70ml)
18) Hammam Hot Scrub (125g)
19) Miracle Scrub (30ml)
20) Active Firming Day Cream (5ml)
21) Essential Anti-Aging Day Cream SPF15 (5ml)
22) Samurai Ice Shower Gel (70ml)
23) Miracle Wipes (10 wipes)
24) Ginko’s Secret (75ml)

Rituals - Advent Calendar 2016 (€49,95)

I am impressed with this calendar! It costs as much as the Benefit calendar but Rituals has 24 presents ánd they're big! There are 8 products that contain over 50ml, I'm definitely not calling that a sample anymore. I also love how the products differ from each other, from mascara to shower gel to make-up wipes to a soap that's not even for sale in store. 2 of the products even came from the Samurai line, which is the one for men. So even my boyfriend was happy with this calendar haha! 

Truly a beautiful calendar and I'm hoping Rituals will launch their second one next year!
What do you think about this calendar?

Love, Rani


  1. I think it's a great calendar, it looks amazing. And you get so many wonderful products! I also love the pictures of this post with the beautiful Christmas tree in the background.

  2. NOOOOOOOOO! I scrolled right past the first four since I'm the kind of person who opens their calendar one door at a time... I hate spoilers. I really like the contents so far though.

    I'm planning on saving €10 every month next year to buy an advent calendar and some limited editions at the end of the year!

  4. Ahww, wat een geweldige kalender!! <3

  5. Your pictures are amazing! I am totally feeling the Christmas mood because of these pictures.
    And wow, now I am so dissapointed I didn't buy this advent calendar, in fact I don't have one this year.
    It looks amazing!


  6. Gorgeous pictures rani!! Your tree looks soooo pretty :)

  7. Gorgeous pictures rani!! Your tree looks soooo pretty :)

  8. Hi, great review! Crossing my fingers that they will bring out another one this year! Do you remember the release date from last year? Thank you! :)


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