November 17, 2016

Guerlain - Gommage de Beauté

I am obsessed with scrubs, peelings, exfoliants. Next to that, I also love the Beauty Cleanser line from Guerlain. So when they recently released a new product, the Gommage de Beauté, I was very excited to try it out. And I have to say, it surprised me!

Gommage de Beauté

Last year Guerlain presented 5 Beauty Cleansers, from which I tried the Eau and Lait de Beauté. I absolutely loved the Eau de Beauté and it's still among my absolute favorite cleansers. 

The Gommage de Beauté is something completely different from what I expected. Gommage is the French word for exfoliant, and usually brands use 'exfoliant' in the sense of a soft scrub. The Gommage de Beauté from Guerlain is not a scrub at all, there is not a single hard particle to be found. 

So what does give this product it's exfoliating power?
The formula has 3 resurfacing acids that remove dead skin cells and smooth the skin. The 3 acids are: Citric acid (works on the dead skin cells on the stratum corneum/horny layer/outer layer of the epidermis. This acid is found in lemons. The second acid is lactic acid, found in milk, that works on a deeper level. And the third acid is glycolic acid from sugar that breaks down connections between dead skin cells for a perfect cleansing.

Some Thoughts

You have to apply the product on your face and leave it on for about 5-10 minutes like a mask. You can optimize the effect by massaging it in on the T-zone for example. Afterwards you have to rinse thoroughly. The Gommage de Beauté has the same scent as the other products from the Beauty Cleanser line by the way, soft and very pleasant.
The formula contains AHA, which are the citric, lactic and glycolic acids mentioned above, AHA is short for Alpha Hydroxy Acid. It's a pretty 'hyped' ingredient at the moment, and it does exfoliate well by breaking down the connections but when using a product with AHA make sure that you wear a good sunscreen afterwards. It increases your sun sensitivity by 50% - AHA is a chemical peeling.

De Gommage de Beauté, de perfecte aanvulling op het reinigingsritueel,
is één à twee keer per week te gebruiken
om de grauwsluier die zich
in het dagelijks leven heeft opgehoopt te verwijderen en een gemeta-
morfoseerde huidtextuur tevoorschijn te brengen.
De niet-schurende formule, zonder mechanische werking,
stemt volko-
men overeen met alle huidtypen
, zelfs de meest gevoelige.
Verrijkt met nigella-olie, een aloud ingrediënt dat bekend staat om zijn
antioxiderende en ontstekingsremmende eigenschappen,
neutraliseert de
de door stedelijke verontreiniging veroorzaakte
oxidatieve stre

Guerlain - Gommage De Beauté (€59)

The effect was visible from the first time I tried it - my skin felt tight and soft and looked a tad more radiant. A chemical peeling is less likely to damage your skin compared to a scrub with particles. Those scrubs can be rough and can easily damage your skin. This exfoliant is a soft one, that is suitable for a more sensitive skin like mine. (But if you have a sensitive skin, leave the scrub on for 5 minutes and take it off, just to make sure that the AHA's aren't irritating your skin.)

Have you ever used a chemical scrub/exfoliant? Are you also into the "AHA-hype"?

Love, Rani


  1. I've never used one, but it sounds very promising! And the pictures are really beautiful by the way!

  2. Lately I really prefer AHA/BHA exfoliants over physical scrubs for sure.

  3. I tried AHA products out (because I have to for my job) but it's not that I'm into the hype completely. I also like the 'oldskool' products that were already on the market before the AHA hype.

    I also have a produvts from the 'beauté' line by Guerlain and I have to say, they are amazing!
    Going to try this out as well ;D


  4. Hello, I have it also, and I used it last week with great results.

    My questions is how often do you use it?


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