October 4, 2016

L'Oréal - Pure Clay Masks

I absolutely love me some pamper time. Masks are a vital part of that, but can be pretty expensive. There are some cheaper sheet masks that are fun to use, but there weren't many budget friendly clay masks around until L'Oréal released three different clay masks!

Pure Clay Masks

Three clays form the base of these masks. Ghassoul, a volcanic clay from Morocco that absorbs impurities and sebum. Montmorillonite, a clay with a high concentration of silicates that purify the skin and restores balance. And kaolin, a clay with a high amount of silicons - which absorb sebum, and purifies sensitive skin. 

Detox Mask: Black Charcoal (Grey Mask)

This mask's main ingredient next to the 3 clays is charcoal for a detox, radiant effect. 

Exfoliating Mask: Red Algae (Red Mask)

Next to the 3 clays the exfoliating mask contains red algae extracts. This mask also has little particles in it, so when washing it off, you scrub/exfoliate at the same time. 

Purifying Mask: Green Eucalyptus (Green Mask)

The purifying mask purifies and mattifies your skin. It contains green eucalyptus. 

How to use

All of the masks need to be removed after 5-10 minutes, you can feel it when the masks are completely dry. You can apply the masks up to 2-3 times a week, although I wouldn't recommend overdoing it when you're not used to wearing masks this often. Once or twice a week is then better, you don't want to get your skin out of balance.

Thoughts & Review

The packaging is pretty on point in my opinion. The heavy glass jar looks minimal and simple, yet also has a touch of luxuriousness. They're also easy to stack, which is really handy because when you get 2 or all 3 of these masks they don't take up too much space in your bathroom cabinet. 
One jar contains 50 ml, which is good for about 10 applications.

The grey mask was the mask that spoke most to me on first sight. I have a Clinique charcoal mask which I absolutely love, so I was pretty curious about this one from L'Oréal. The first thing I noticed was that (all of) the masks don't have a typical clay, or in this case charcoal, scent. They don't have that earthy scent, but a very perfumed fragrance. 

My favorite mask is the red mask actually, it made my skin feel soft and I just love exfoliating masks.  It's so handy and fast, mask + scrub in one! My second favorite is the grey mask, which also made my skin feel really soft and look a bit more clear. The green mask is not my thing, when I used it over my nose, my pores got red and visible, and they're not really visible otherwise. That was a little moment of panic of course, but the effect was gone in 2 days (luckily). On the other parts of my face it also had the softening effect, but I feel like the other two masks worked best on me.


Something I often do is multi-masking or a mask after mask. Multi-masking is just wearing different masks, for different purposes, on different areas of your face. For example: the red mask on my cheeks (exfoliating), the grey mask on my nose and chin (detox) and the green mask on my forehead (purify). This way you can tackle problems more focused. I also like to do a 'mask after mask' - in this case the grey mask first for the detox effect and ending with the red mask afterwards for the exfoliating effect.

L'Oréal - Pure Clay Mask (€9,99)

Apart from the little pore-panic I think these masks are budget-friendly hits. Considering they only cost €1 a time (10 applications in a jar) I would definitely repurchase the red mask, and probably the charcoal mask too. Don't expect miracles, but do expect a soft skin that looks a tad more radiant and clearer. (And, to be honest, I also love getting that spa-feeling at home when using clay masks.)

Have you already tried them? Are you going to?

Love, Rani


  1. I really love the pictures if this post! The jars look very beautiful and the masks sound great. And 9.99 for a mask that's so cheap!

  2. Klinkt goed! Benieuwd naar het rode masker!

  3. Yeeees, masking at home equals perfect me-time. I wish these came in tubes. Then I'd try them. But the jars do look lovely.

  4. I haven't tried them out yet but I really want to try the grey and green one :)
    How do they work for you after using several times?


  5. Such a cute and beautiful post babe!
    Thanks for sharing.
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