October 30, 2016

Budget Sunday: Labello Neon

I remember how hot Labello was in elementary school. You nééded Labello and the more colors you had, the cooler you were. These lip balms were our first step to lipstick, back then my favorite strawberry Labello had a little red sheen when you applied it. I totally forgot about these until 2 weeks back when these limited editions landed in my mailbox - and it was pure nostalgia!

Neon Edition

So cute! The Labello Neon Edition features 6 new neon shades: pink, blue, orange, purple, yellow and green. The lip balms have the original formula (with shea butter and panthenol). So it's just about the packaging. The happy, flashy packaging. The cases should even light up under blacklight! 

Labello - Neon (€3,59 - LE)

A fun limited edition, especially because it's getting colder and a lot of people are stocking up on lip balm for winter (me too, hydrating is key!).

Do you use lip balm in winter?

Love, Rani


  1. I always loved that typical Labello scent and this flashy packaging gives it a fun touch!

  2. Die kleurtjes! Ik word er helemaal happy van.

  3. Superleuke kleuren! Labello is onmisbaar in de winter!

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