September 23, 2016

La Mer - Soleil de la Mer

It looks like summer shifted a few weeks this year. It's still warm and sunny at the moment, and even though it isn't 30 degrees anymore like a few weeks back, the sun is as harmful as back then. Today is kind of a quick go through-sun protection day on the blog, first I'm going to show you the La Mer sun protection products, and later today a new article about some other sunscreens will be online.
So, let's take a look at the La Mer products!

Soleil de la Mer

The packaging is very La Mer: clean white, with the logo in rose gold and green. Simple, yet luxurious. Both products come in 200ml bottles. The Soleil de la Mer collection is a reflection of La Mer's love for the ocean and sun. Remember the limited edition Soleil de la Mer bronzer?

The Reparative Body Sun Lotion SPF30

The reparative body sun lotion is a hydrating lotion that helps defend the skin from harmful UVA en UVB rays. It also offers anti-aging benefits.

The lotion feels quite luxurious, it has that La Mer scent and really feels like a body lotion: it's fluid, quick absorbed and non-sticky. To me this is just incredible handy: a (well hydrating) body lotion with a SPF30. Non-sticky, a nice scent, no bad sides to this sunscreen.

The After Sun Enhancer

The La Mer After Sun Enhancer is a lightweight geleé that cools the skin while enhancing a radiant, post-sun glow. You can see on the swatch above that the formula contains pigment and even some very small shimmers, this contributes to a beautiful bronzed glow. My brother actually is a big fan of this after sun - the immediate calming and soothing effect convinced him.

As every La Mer product the enhancer contains Miracle Broth and Lime Tea extract. 

La Mer - The Reparative Body Sun Lotion SPF30 (€85)
La Mer - The After Sun Enhancer (€115)

I like the body sun lotion because it's so handy for (sometimes lazy, oops) people like me, your body lotion, hydration and sun protection in one! The sun enhancer really gives a beautiful glow, a sun-kissed glow look.

Are you still using sun protection?

Love, Rani


  1. With these last sunny days you still need some protection, and a bodylotion that offers protection at the same time is great! As usual I really like the La Mer packaging!

  2. Love the packaging!! Such beautiful bottles!!! :) Gorgeous pictures rani and great review!

  3. Prachtige producten, wauw!


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