September 25, 2016

Budget Sunday: Catrice Neo-Natured

I'm very excited about this budget sunday, and I'm pretty sure you will be too! The new Catrice Neo Natured collection is inspired by nature, from the colors of the make-up itself to the beautiful bamboo wooden packaging.

Neo-Natured Eyeshadow Palette

The Neo-Natured eyeshadow palette features the colors of the earth. There are 2 different palettes available, I have 'C02 Soothe Of Soul'. The packaging is simple comparison to the other products, the only thing that suggests that it's part of the Neo-Natured collection is the tree printed on the front of the box. 

The stripe on my arm is the Urban Decay eyeliner. I swatched a lot of new collections that day and I always swatch eyeshadow first, and eyeliner last because it's difficult to remove. I totally forgot about this collection, so I had to swatch it after the eyeliner: hence a black line. I could have photoshopped it away, but that would compromise the swatches even, so let's just try to ignore that stripe haha!

The lightest shade, the champagne shade, isn't well pigmented, it doesn't swatch well and on the eyes it's also not as bright as it should be. The other two colors (a dark taupe and aubergine) are surprisingly well pigmented. It's been a long time since I've tried a Catrice palette, and I remember that the pigmentation of the palette I used to have didn't even come close to this. 

Neo-Natured Lip Colour

The packaging of these lipsticks is just stunning. Amazing. When I opened them, and saw the colors, I fell in love with them even more. The 3 shades available are: C01 NUDEtral Nature (a nude shade with a hint of brown), C02 Maroon Mélange (a brick red shade) and C03 Woodlands LiBERRY (a berry/brown very autumnal shade). I know that Woodlands LiBERRY will be a handbag essential this autumn, such a pretty hue.

The finish is demi-matte (demi, semi, maybe even quarter-matte?). It's not a glossy lipstick, nor completely matte. The lipstick doesn't survive a meal, it holds for about 2-3 hours. 

Neo-Natured Lip Liner

This lipliner feels creamy and soft and has a complete matte finish. It has a twist-system, always handy. These lip liners are available in the exact same shades as the lipsticks. I have 'Maroon Mélange'. The lip liners come in a dark packaging, with the tree that's also on the eyeshadow palette.

Neo-Natured Blush

Hellooooo, stunner of the collection!
I am impressed with this blush - the packaging is so beautiful for a budget product, it deserves a spot between my "pretty blushes" which are mainly high-end, so that really does say something. The blush has a magnet on top, so opening the blush is swiping the front piece left or right. So pretty!

The blush is a rusty rose shade: C01 Walk In The Woods. A shade that works for everyone, but rosy tones are especially pretty on fair skin. The powder feels a little bit chalky and is completely matte. 

Catrice - Neo-Natured Eyeshadow in C02 Soothe Of Soul (€3,99)
Catrice - Neo-Natured Lip Colour (€4,99)
Catrice - Neo-Natured Lip Liner (€1,99)
Catrice - Neo-Natured Blush (€4,99)

The Neo-Natured overall is a beautiful collection, the design is completely in line with the theme and simply stunning. This collection is available from October till November. 

Anything on your wishlist?

Love, Rani 


  1. I love the bamboo packaging, it's so natural and beautiful! The lipsticks are my favorites of this collection, all three colors look great.

  2. So prettttyyyy, I want Maroon Mélange!

  3. Nice review girl.

  4. Loooove je review en foto's! Kan niet wachten tot hij in de winkels ligt!

  5. Heel andere verpakkingen dan we gewoon zijn van Catrice, speciaal.

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