May 2, 2016

Guerlain - Terracotta

Spring/summer means bronzers, especially this year. Last year was all about sun protection, this year it's kind of a bronzer year. In this post I'm showing you the bronzer of all bronzers, the bronzer that immediately pops up in your head and even became a synonym for a bronzing powder: Guerlain's Terracotta! 

What's New

New shades

Guerlain released 4 new colors of the famous Terracotta bronzing powder. The color I have, 00 Clair Blondes, is the lightest shade. There also are some darker shades and even one with a rosy tone. 


The bronzers also have a new scent, it's inspired by the Terracotta perfume: fresh notes like bergamot and white musk and some sunny notes like neroli, jasmin and ylang ylang. I always get a summery feeling when applying the powder, because of that warm, sunny scent. Guerlain is the best in picking scents for their products, just like the météorites scent, hmm.


There is the cutest print in the powder, the Guerlain logo with a sun around it, pretty!

Terracotta 00 Clair - Blondes

The lightest shade is such a pretty shade, it's the shade I now use the most. It's light, not too orange and has a good pigmentation. It has occasionally a tiny, tiny shimmer - but I would say that it's more matte. This is a go-to bronzer, one that you can wear in summer, but also in fall. The combination of the pigmentation, color and finish makes it a true beauty staple. 

Comparison to other Guerlain bronzers

So I swatches my new Clair Blondes bronzer next to another shade of the same line: 02 Naturel Blondes, and the Guerlain Joli Teint bronzer. You can see that 00 Clair Blondes is a natural looking shade, I always found 02 Natural Blondes too orangy for me, it would look better on a more tanned skin. Joli Teint has been among my favorites, but for summer (so more tanned than in winter) I need a shade with some more color to create depth and the sun-kissed look. If you still think these shades are too warm, you need to buy the 'Brunettes' version. These are a lot cooler and more ashy. (Suitable for contouring.)

Guerlain - Terracotta Bronzing powder (€52)

Guerlain will always remain an authority when it comes to bronzers, I can see why. Good pigmentation, a nice color range, blends easily - yep, I'm a fan too. The upcoming summer collection revolves just like last year around the Terracotta bronzer, it has a gorgeous limited edition packaging too.

What do you think about these bronzers? Which shade would you pick?

Love, Rani


  1. Omg, prachtige blog. Hele mooie foto's, waarom zie ik deze blog nu pas? Supergoede kwaliteit, mooi artikel! Mag ik vragen welke camera jij gebruikt? Loves,

    1. Hey! Ik gebruik een Nikon D3000, hier vindt je alles: <3

  2. Wat een mooie bronzers zeg! Claire blondes zou mijn keuze zijn.

  3. Love the pictures of this post! The Terracotta always smells so good, and the colour of this bronzer looks great!

  4. Wat maak jij prachtige foto's zeg! <3

  5. What a beauty. I can see why you're a fan!

  6. Blijft gewoon de beste bronzer die er is!

  7. Wow perfect! Ideaal nu mijn huidige bronzer bijna leeg is.

    x Karen

  8. Zalige bronzers! Benieuwd om de vernieuwd geur eens te ruiken. De nieuwe kleur die jij hebt is trouwens echt wel mooi, ook voor mij zie ik hem wel werken, niet te donker en niet te licht.


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