May 7, 2016

ABH - Eyeshadow Singles (Part 1)

I'm vuuury into eyeshadow palettes lately. Anastasia Beverly Hills has eyeshadow singles and I got quite a few to show you, but I will be doing it in 3 parts, 3 palettes. I'm pretty excited to review and of course (and most importantly) show you the swatches!


ABH Eyeshadow Singles & Palette

The eyeshadow pans are all available separately, but you can also buy bundles of 4 and 8, which comes out much cheaper ànd you get a free palette too. The palette I have is the one you get for free when purchasing a bundle of 8 shadows. 

The eyeshadows all have a sticker on the back and they're magnetized. They click very easily in and out of the palette, making it easy to reorganize for example. 

The palette I'm showing today contains a lot of my favorite ABH shadows, so let's take a look at which shades I picked and of course, the swatches!

Swatches - Row 1

Touch Of Lilac

Touch Of Lilac is a soft frosted purple, with a metallic finish. 
Perfect to highlight the inner corners of your eyes.

Baby Cakes

Baby Cakes is one of the newest shades, it's an ultra-matte pastel pink.


Gleam is also one of the newest shades, very new actually, because it's not yet online. 
But this one is one of my favorites and I have already used it a lot since I got it. (That says something doesn't it?) Gleam is a sparkling gold shade.


Glisten is a metallic shimmery beige with a orange touch.

Swatches - Row 2

Buon Fresco

Buon Fresco is sooo pretty! Definitely a shade that I would recommend, it's an antique lavender hue with an ultra-matte finish. Do you need this? Yes you do. It has this soft appearance and you can integrate it in a lot of looks. Love!


Aubergine is a deep ink purple, with also a matte finish, however not as matte as the two shades next to it. It has a hint of metallic in it.

Beauty Mark

Beauty Mark is a very matte eggplant shade.

Dark Chocolate Shimmer

What's in a name right? Dark Chocolate Shimmer is well eh, a dark chocolate brown shade with golden shimmers. 

Review & Look

Look at these pretty shades! I'm so in love with these colors, there are a lot of shades here that I didn't have yet. And not only the colors are pretty, but they are SO great to work with! They are just incredibly blendable and they all feel velvety soft. My brushes also pick up the eyeshadow so well. The only 'downside' is that there are some shades that are less pigmented when swatched than others, or than I would have expected, but nothing that can't be fixed with primer. There also is some palette fallout.

I went for a soft eyelook for which I mainly used Gleam and Buon Fresco. In the inner corners I used just a 'touch of Lilac' and a tiny bit of Beauty Mark in the outer corners.

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Eyeshadow Single ($12)
(Bundle: 8 Eyeshadow Singles for $70 + Free Palette)

The eyeshadows are great in my opinion, I'm happy with them. I'm going to show you 20 more eyeshadows to be exactly and probably even a lot more, because now I have a lot of neutral colors - so I want to add some of the more special colors too.

What do you think about my custom made palette and about the (new) ABH colors?

Love, Rani


  1. Your palette has a lot of really beautiful colours, Buon Fresco and Aubergine are my favorites of this set of colours. And I love the look with Buon Fresco and Gleam, it's a really good combination!

  2. Die kleuren, die shadows, dat palette, het pigment en de look, het is allemaal gewoon prachtig!

  3. Those are gorgeous shades!!! Such beautiful pictures as always rani!!! :)

  4. Ooooh goooorgeous shades, definitely my kind of colors!

  5. Wat een prachtige oogschaduws en kleurtjes! De look is ook heel erg mooi! xx

  6. Waw deze tinten zijn helemaal mijn ding!

  7. How gorgeous is row 2 ? �� !!! Love these darker shades.

  8. Your blog and these eyeshadows are gorgeous! I am so impressed by your photos in particular. Which eyeshadows were the best of the bunch? You mentioned that some were not very pigmented. I've been lusting after Buon Fresco.


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