February 25, 2016

Givenchy - La Revelation Originelle

I'm a big fan of the Givenchy Spring/Summer 2016 Collection, a light and fresh collection but fully in Givenchy's style: La Revelation Originelle!

This campaign photo and the sketches are so pretty and just capture the whole collection in 3 images. With this collection Nicolas Degennes tells us everything about the angel like beauty that the Givenchy woman has. She has that glow, that aura.

The top piece of this collection is the Poudre Lumière Originelle, which is a radiant finishing powder. I absolutely adore the lace design in the powder, so Givenchy. So Givenchy Couture. I use this just like the Guerlain Météorites, all over my face to finish of my look. It gives a radiant appearance, but I couldn't capture it on photo sadly.            

The second gem of this collection is the little Prisme blush. The packaging is again very pretty. The Givenchy logo in pink on top and you can flip out a little drawer and stash the brush in there. Handy! The blush itself has 4 different colors and as always you can use these separately, but mixed together you get a soft toned pink/red blush. A color that is perfect for spring.

Two products which I love, but was skeptical about at first because of the colors. The Givenchy Liner Couture is brown and the Phenomen'Eyes mascara is grey. I put together a little look using all of the products of the spring collection together. I used the vibrant yellow Ombre Couture as a pop of color in my inner corner and I used the mascara and liner. I can definitely see why some people would prefer a brown liner over black. It's much more soft, and makes your look less hard. Perfect for fair or blonde girls. The grey mascara is a bit more special, from far you don't really notice a difference, but up close you can definitely see that the lashes are grey. It looks special! And is definitely more wearable than the blue/green mascara from the 2015 summer collection.

Pastel pink nail polish is a must in a spring collection. Just like YSL and Dior (yet to come) Givenchy went for a babypink nail polish. It's cute and there is nothing more that screams spring like pastel colored nails.

Mister Gentlebalm.
Oh how I love puns like this. Mister Gentlebalm enhances your lip color and hydrates and nourishes the lips at the same time. Perfect in a spring collection, rosy and natural lips. I like to use it before I go to bed, as a night mask for my lips. 

And you saw the last product in the look, the Ombre Couture eyeshadow in color 16 Jaune Aurora. A bold and daring color. There is also a complementary blue shade. The formula is creamy but isn't too easy to work with at first. In the look I used it for the first time, and I should have used a pointed liner brush instead of a angled liner brush, that would have given a much more neat result. 

Givenchy - Poudre Lumiere Originelle (€58,50)
Givenchy - Ombre Couture in 16 Jaune Aurora (€25)
Givenchy - Le Prisme Blush in 41 Lune Roseé (€43,50)
Givenchy - Liner Couture in 2 Brown (€33)
Givenchy - Phenomen'Eyes in 3 Deep Grey (€33)
Givenchy - Mister Gentlebalm (€31)
Givenchy - Le Vernis Givenchy in 29 Rose Divin (€24)

What a pretty collection. My favorite is the star product, the Poudre Lumière Originelle. It reminds me of the Givenchy masks in the last Haute Couture collection. It has that typical Givenchy mix between feminine and innocent, and raw and edgy.

How do you feel about the collection?

Love, Rani


  1. I really love the look you created with the yellow eyeshadow. I didn't expect it to look this good! And the Poudre Lumière is really pretty too.

  2. wat een prachtige collectie is dit, ik had het poeder al gezien op internet en ik wil het heel graag! Alleen al als collectors item! ;-)

  3. Die is echt weer zo een must-have collectie. De blush vind ik het mooiste product.

    x Karen

  4. Prachtige collectie! Echt een van mijn favorietjes! <3

  5. Love this collection! I need the blush and nail polish in my life <3


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