February 27, 2016

Dior - Glowing Gardens

One of my favorite spring collections definitely is the Dior Glowing Gardens collection, save the best for (almost) last?

The Dior garden is a garden at the rocky coast, somewhere every year orchids and other flowers bloom in spring. Peter Philips was inspired by Granville, where Christian Dior spend his childhood. Peter based the collection on the colors of the bright light, the freshness of the sea and the flowers of course. This collection is a blooming spring garden.

The full collection is quite big as you can see, and I'm not reviewing everything today. I picked out my 5 favorite products, so let's start!

When you see that round silver Dior packaging, you know it's going to be good. And looks like the internet crowned this highlighter to one of the highlights (see what I did there) of the spring collections this year. And they're absolutely right. I chose the color 002 Glowing Nude, but the other one would have been pretty too. This one has a golden/champagne color, and the other color is a pink/white color. It has little shimmers and gives a gorgeous glow. It's definitely the best Dior highlighter so far! 

Ooh what a pretty little stunner is this. The Glowing Gardens palette has little flowers printed and it looks so springy! I chose the color Blue Garden with subtle colors. This palette is actually inspired by 'Les Rhumbs' in Granville and is all about those Normandic greys.

The pigmentation is good and you really notice this when you apply it on your eyelid. The silky texture makes it so great and easy to work with. I made a little look with the dark grey, light grey and blue color. Sadly the subtle changes aren't really visible on the photos and it looks like it's all grey.

The Rouge Dior lipsticks are so creamy and moisturizing. Perfect as an everyday lipstick. The color Souffle Nude is a coral/pink color which perfectly fits the collection. 

These nail polishes are so cute, I absolutely love those pastel colors. Every spring I look forward to  add some pastel and blush tones to my wardrobe, so these two nail polishes made me a very happy girl. Like always the Dior Vernis covers perfectly in two coats. Lilac is inspired by peonies (love peonies!) and Bleuette is inspired by the bright spring sky.

Dior - 5 Couleurs Glowing Gardens in 031 Blue Garden (€63,84)
Dior - Diorskin Nude Air Glowing Gardens in 002 Glowing Nude (€60,27)
Dior - Rouge Dior in 417 Souffle Nude (€38,43)
Dior - Dior Vernis in 301 Bleuette and 491 Lilac (€27,45)

I definitely think I saved some of the best for last, because this collection really made me happy. My favorites are the highlighter, nail polishes and eyeshadow palette (oops, basically everything). And I know I will be using the eyeshadow palette very often.

What do you think about this collection?

Love, Rani


  1. Beautiful collection! Those pastel nail polishes are so pretty. And your pictures are once again amazing!

  2. Gorgeous collection. I'm so in love with that eyeshadow!!!! So beautiful!!!

  3. Wauw, wat een geweldige collectie! ik zou het allemaal zo willen hebben! <3

  4. Prachtig gestileerd, ik val daar altijd voor :D De highlighter is ook hier een grote favoriet geworden.

  5. Wat een collectie! Dat blauwe nagellakje is echt wel mijn favoriet!

  6. Fantastische stukken! Ik wil de highlighter erg graag, en anders het oogschaduw palette. Wat een mooie look!


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