February 15, 2016

Clarins - Joli Rouge Brillant & Base

In the next days I'll tell you all about the Clarins spring collection, but first I wanted to tell you about the new Joli Brillant lipstick line and the Instant Light Lip Perfecting Base!

The Joli Rouge Brillant line is different from the regular Joli Rouge line, because this one is all about shine. The packaging says "moisturizing, perfect shine, sheer lipstick", and that's exactly what it is. They are absolutely moisturizing, they don't (feel) dry, and actually stay quite wet on the lips. They're also sheer, but you can build the pigmentation up to a certain level (see swatches). And of course, they have a shine. The lipsticks come in 12 different colors from rose blossom to fig.

The Instant Light Perfecting Base is something that immediately drew my attention. The packaging is pretty: white with some gold and it feels quite heavy. This product is also brand-new, and wow, I needed this so bad! A lot of satin/sheen/... lipsticks tend to bleed with me. And with this base it did a lot less. For me this is a little lifesaver. It also smells really good, it has a light vanilla-scent. The Joli Rouge lipsticks have a very fruity scent and flavor, and I'm not really a fan of lipsticks with a distinct scent.  The Lip Perfecting Base contains acacia micro pearls, galam butter and peptides, but doesn't feel really smooth on the lips. It's definitely not just a lip balm, it creates a steady base and also functions as a primer.

Clarins - Joli Rouge Brillant in 26 Hibiscus (€25)
Clarins - Instant Light, Lip Perfecting Base (€18,50)

I'm a big fan of the Lip Base, I had problems with bleeding lipsticks when the finish wasn't matte, so I'm very happy that this base solved my problems. The Joli Rouge Brillant is a line for you if you like moisturized shiny lips. Although I'm hoping they tone the scent and flavor down in the next lipsticks.

Does your lipstick sometimes bleed? And what do you use to solve that problem?

Love, Rani


  1. Oh gosh, I really love Hibiscus, so pretty!

  2. Gorgeous pictures rani!! That product sounds awesome!! :)

  3. The Hibiscus looks perfect on you! I'm really curious about the rest of the Clarins products!


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