November 19, 2015

The Balm Girls Lipsticks

I love lipsticks and I love The Balm, because of that I just had to try their lipsticks. When you think about The Balm you think of palettes, eyeliner, blush, bronzer, liquid lipsticks, but not immediately about their regular lipsticks. I hadn't heard much of them so I was very curious!

Balm Jovi, Balm Voyage, Balms Away and now The Balm Girls! 
I have two of the girls: Foxxy Pout and Amanda Kissmylips. Starring Balm of course, James Balm. Seriously, how do they keep coming up with these names? I absolutely love it!

The packaging is just as you expect from the balm, happy and retro. The girls and James Balm. The lipstick itself is different, it's completely silver and looks very simple. 

Foxxy Pout is an amazing color. Wow. You have to zoom in closely to the swatches and even then it doesn't give an accurate representation. Foxxy Pout is a frosted lipstick, with little shimmers. It has a nude-coral tone and looks incredible. This is the first time I ever really liked a non berry/wine color this much. It's pigmented, stays on quite some time and just looks very unique.

Amanda Kissmylips is a whole different lipstick, it feels smoother because it has a sheer finish. But definitely pigmented for a sheer finish. The color is a berry red with a dash of brown. This one is also very pretty. 

The lipsticks smell like mint and tingle a bit (probably because of the mint), the liquids do this too. So don't panic when you feel this for the first time, it's completely normal. 

The Balm - The Balm Girls in Foxxy Pout (€15,50)
The Balm - The Balm Girls in Amanda Kissmylips (€15,50)

I'm happy I tried two of The Balm Girls, they're pretty and especially Foxxy Pout is very unique. It's also the first frosted lipstick I own and it feels so much more comfortable as I thought. 

Have you ever tried a frosted lipstick, or any of The Balm Girls?

Love, Rani


  1. Foxxy Pout is such a pretty lipstick! The color is great and i like the shimmers in it. And I love the names these lipsticks ofcourse!

  2. Beautiful lipsticks! I'm such a fan of the Balm, they always know to surprise me!

  3. I am definitively a foxxy pout fan, that color looks gorgeous on you!


  4. Echt prachtige kleuren lippenstift, ik vind Amanda echt top.


  5. Gorgeous photos and love the swatches, really cool colors. :-)

  6. Gorgeous photos!!! I love the balm. They make such great stuff. THe colors you have a re so pretty!

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