November 8, 2015

Dior - Fix It

A little post about a little make-up product today, but oh so important: concealer! Where would we be without this little lifesaver? Dior released a new product 'Fix It', a concealer and primer in one and it deserves it's own post.

The packaging is so cute, it looks like the Dior addict lipsticks. The front says 'Dior' and the back 'Fix It / 2-in-1 Prime & Conceal / Face-Eyes-Lips' in silver writing. The middle of the stick, the primer part, has a 'CD' inscripted. This product is part of the Dior Backstage Pros collection. It's Dior's first multi-function corrector: a primer and concealer for three zones of the face (complexion, eyes and lips). 

There are three ways that you can apply it:
1) A flawless complexion

Fix It corrects spots and slight redness, fills in lines and refines skin texture.

2) Revitalized eyes
Fix It also helps to hide dark circles and softens lines around the eyes. It also acts as a corrector for make-up imperfections that appear throughout the day. This is the way that I (and probably most of you) use concealer.

3) Ideal lips
But you can also use it on your lips! It helps to smooth lines and neutralizes colour, prevents that your lipstick bleeds, and extends its staying power. I have used it on my lips, and because it neutralizes the color of your lips, your lipstick color looks better. I also use it to 'clean up' my lipstick around the edges.

As you can clearly see Fix It has a dual texture. The centre of the stick is enriched with a soft focus powder, which helps to refine and blur skin texture for an instantly transformed complexion. Around this centre lies a tinted formula that camouflages color irregularities, the actual concealer.

I love concealer sticks so much more than liquids. Sticks are super matte, easy to apply and very covering. This one feels incredibly soft, probably because of that powdery center. I maybe would even label it cream-to-powder because it really feels powdery when you apply it. It has a medium coverage, without looking cakey. (Again, that powder factor.) I have shade 001 Light and it's perfect. Over the years I learned that a light shade before my foundation or powder is the best to cover circles for me.

Dior - Fix It in 001 Light (€37)

Fix It is exactly the kind of concealer that I like. The big difference between the budget one I owned and this one is that Fix It is softer and that it has a powder effect. I'm pretty happy with this concealer, it has everything that I want in one. Definitely top 3 best concealers I tried!

What's your favorite concealer? And are you team stick or liquid?

Love, Rani


  1. The packaging is really beautiful! And the pictures too!

  2. Looks like a great concealer! Lovely photos!!!! :) Love Dior!

  3. Wauw lijkt mij echt een topproduct! Misschien ook eens gaan testen :D

  4. Hij ligt hier klaar om getest te worden! Ik ben benieuwd!


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