November 2, 2015

Clinique - Skinny Sticks

A while ago Clinique released a new product: Skinny Sticks! For some reason it took a while to shoot them, but here they (finally) are: the skinny sticks in three pretty colors! 

The skinny sticks are very thin eyeliners. I really like how thin they are, they feel more pleasant and are easier to work with because I have a better grip on them. They are approximately 2/3 in size of a regular eyeliner.

The packaging is Clinique: simple but pretty. Every skinny stick case has the color of the eyeliner. Handy, you don't have to open each one to find the color you want. The liners also have a turning system, so no sharpeners needed! They come in the classic Clinique boxes.

I have three colors: 01 Slimming Black, 04 Olive-tini and 05 Skinny Jeans. Slimming black is just plain black and perfect for wings, to tightline, for daily use. The two other colors, olive-tini and skinny jeans have some small shimmers, perfect for the upcoming holidays. But with a fine line they are also wearable to work because the colors are toned-down, not too bright. 

The pigmentation is great and they don't feel hard but also not too soft. You can draw a straight, small line with these when you use the edge of the tip. Or you can use the tip flat, as I did on the swatches if you prefer a thicker line. I'm definitely a fan of the formula, they apply very smoothly and stay on a whole day.

There is one other color available: slim sable.

Clinique - Skinny Stick in 01 Slimming Black, 04 Olive-tini and 05 Skinny Jeans (€22,90)

Picking favorites is not possible this time. Black always comes in handy, but the two other colors are so special. Nope, just not choosing today! I'm happy with all of them. I'm hoping Clinique will release some other colors over time, because I like them a lot. 

Have you already seen these in store? Which color do you like best?

Love, Rani


  1. All three are really pretty! It's something else but I really like the blue one.

  2. Kben altijd fan van draaisystemen! Ik haat het geprul met een slijper :0
    Ik vind de blauwe ook wel heel erg fijn! Leuke shimmer :D


  3. Ik hou ook meer van dit soort sticks als eyeliner. Ik haat kohlpotlooden, deze zijn te hard voor mijn ogen en dat slijpen vind ik ook maar niks.

    x Karen

  4. Die 04 Olive-tini lijkt me inderdaad perfect voor de feestdagen. Net zoals de andere reacties hou ik ook echt niet van slijpers, dus deze ga ik wel aanschaffen. Weer prachtige foto's trouwens!


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