October 16, 2015

Inglot - Matte Lipsticks

Lipsticks! Matte lipsticks! Inglot matte lipsticks!
Inglot expanded their matte lipstick line with 5 new colors. From bubble gum pink to daring red, I'm showing you every single new color today!

Inglot always has simple but high quality and pretty packagings. These lipsticks are in fully metal packagings with a shiny black color. They're both sturdy and pretty!

There are 5 new matte lipsticks, but you can count 6 on some photos. The orange color is one that I already owned, but hadn't showed you yet. The new colors are:

#428: a brown nude. 
#429: the perfect bold red. 
#430: a peachy nude.
#433: a soft purple/pink. 
#434: a very bright hot pink.

The one I already owned: #401: a peachy orange.

Time for the swatches. 

The formula is not just matte but uber-matte. I haven't got any lipstick that is this matte, not even Tom Ford. And because of that it's also dry, I personally don't mind if lipsticks are dry, but some girls might like to apply a lip balm before and after. 
The lipsticks are all very well pigmented as you can see on the swatches. They also have a great staying power, up to 6 hours! (Without eating, because none survive that with me.)

Inglot - Matte Lipstick in 401, 428, 429, 430, 433 and 434 (€13)

My personal favorites are the pink, hot pink and red one.  Such a pity that nudes just don't work on me! I might purchase my favorite colors in this lipstick (berry and wine), I like mattes and these would be great for parties because they stay on so long.

What do you think about these colors? Do you like matte lipsticks?

Love, Rani


  1. The colors are really pretty! 433 is my favorite, I think it looks so great on you!

  2. I like the # 434 and # 430 !!

    I never tried anything by Inglot, but have only heard good things about it :-) Only in Hasselt I guess?

    I love matte lipsticks but I hate hate hate how dry my lips get :-(

  3. These are lovely, I love super mattes & you're right in saying these would be great for the party season.
    Pretty Mad Things .. xo

  4. Nummer 429 is mijn favoriete kleur! Deze staat jou ook enorm goed!

    x Karen

  5. Eyecandy!! Ik comment niet vaak op je blogposts maar ik moet echt zeggen dat ik je fotografie skills echt bewonder! Zo mooi en zo'n goede kwaliteit! Keep up the good work!

  6. Wauwie wat een geweldige kleuren en prachtige foto's weer! <3

  7. Gorgeous lipsticks! !! I love the last two! They all love amazing on you rani!! :) Wonderful review!

  8. OH MY GOOOOD! Ik wist dat Inglot goede producten had, maar hier val ik echt efkes van m'n stoel. Moet dringend nog eens binnenspringen bij Inglot!

  9. Ziet er heel goed uit. Klopt het dat er een swatch (nr. 428) ontbreekt?

    1. Van 428 en 401 zijn er inderdaad geen lipswatches. Wel gewone swatches. :)


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