July 23, 2015


I recently tried out a new brand of skincare: Dermalogica. A brand that is pure no-nonsense. And today I'm reviewing 5 little products from their Skin Kit.

Personally I'm not a big fan of sample sized products. But these Skin Kits are very handy when you want to try out the brand, and don't want to spend a lot of money on something you're not even sure works for you.
I went for the Normal/Oily kit and these are the products that are in it: the special cleansing gel, multi-active toner, skin prep scrub, active moist and total eye care.

I have to admit that I normally don't use a toner. For those of you who don't know what a toner is (can't blame you, not a lot of people have this in their routine), I'll explain.

This toner is in spray-from and it hydrates and refreshes. You have to spritz this over your face after the cleansing part. It helps condition the skin and prepare to properly absorb your moisturizer. 

I liked using the toner, even just for the refreshing moment after the cleansing routine. I could definitely recommend this, because it also doesn't take much time because you can just spray it on. 

Next up is the active moist. I wasn't sure by the name what it was at first, but it's a light, sheer moisturizer. There are silk amino acids and plant extracts to improve the skin's texture, and hydrate the skin.

The moisturizer (and all of the other products) don't have any added fragrances, so they don't have a distinctive scent. All the products smell different, and they smell very doctor-ish, very sterile and clean. I like it - it makes Dermalogica even more no-nonsense.

The skin prep scrub is a scrub that's suitable for all skin types and conditions. You can use it up to three times a week.

What does it do? It removes surface debris, to improve the absorption of the moisturizer. There are extracts from mallow, ivy, cucumber, aloe vera to prevent overstimulation of the skin. 

The scrub has big particles for being a face scrub, so you have to be very gentle when using it. It gives a very clean feeling afterwards.

The total eye care is an SPF eye cream that helps conceal dark circles. 

It definitely brightens the area, and conceals a bit of the circles. It gives a fresher appearance to the face. You can see on the swatches below that it has a coral color, and how it leaves a brightening trace. But if you have really dark circles, the eye cream is not enough. It's still an eye cream, and not a concealer. (Which you will need to fully cover the circles.) 

And the last product from the kit is the special cleansing gel. It's a soap-free, foaming gel that removes excess oils and impurities without drying the skin. 

The gel is very easy to rinse off. Some cleansing gels you can simply only use under the shower, because it stays very sticky and won't rinse off properly. This one is perfect for a night time routine.

Swatches from top to bottom: special cleansing gel - total eye care - skin prep scrub - active moist.

Dermalogica - Skin Kit Normal/Oily (€42,25)

It was nice to try this kit and get to know Dermalogica a little better. The products I liked the most are the multi-active toner and special cleansing gel. The active moist and skin prep scrub are also good, but there are other options who I like just as much. The total eye care was not really my thing, because I need more coverage there. A good primer, yes, but not to use solo for me.

Did you know Dermalogica?

Love, Rani


  1. I didn't know Dermalogica, but it looks very promising! I also like the clean look of their packaging.

  2. Ik gebruik sinds enkele maanden de cleanser van Dermalogica en het resultaat is echt verbluffend! Toen ik hem enkele weken niet had, kwamen de puistjes meteen terug. na enkele dagen gebruik van Dermalogica waren ze terug weg! Top merk!

    x Karen

  3. De scrub en oogcreme zien er mij wel goed uit op de swatches. Zelf heb ik geen donkere kringen, maar een oplichtend effect is altijd welkom :-)

  4. Looks like a good set of products!! Great review!! Wonderful photos!!! :)


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