July 2, 2015


It's HOT. 
It's incredibly hot in Belgium, at this moment it's around 34 degrees, and Saturday we will probably break the record - warmest temperature EVER measured. That's crazy! 
We are definitely not used to these temperatures, so what can we do to refresh ourselves? Yes, ice cream! 

And that's where Ben & Jerry's comes in.

 I absolutely love Ben & Jerry's. Their flavors are so original. They take something basic like strawberry and transform it into new things like 'Strawberry Cheesecake' or 'Strawberry Greek Style'. There are flavors like 'Cookie Dough' or 'Chocolate Fudge Brownie' with some actual brownie pieces in it.
My all time favorite is 'Chunky Monkey': banana ice cream, with walnuts and little chocolate bananas = so good!

They also released three new ones: 'Karamel Sutra', 'Blondie Brownie' and 'Dough-ble Impact'. I tried out Karamel Sutra and Dough-ble Impact. They both have a soft core, one from caramel and one from fudge. I secretly already ate the caramel-side of the Karamel Sutra, because it was just too good. 

Enough about the flavors, we all know they are delicious. The main reason why I'm talking about Ben & Jerry's today is because of their values. They are Fairtrade and this means that the farmers they work with get a fair price for their products. (Vanilla, Cacao, Nuts,...) The core flavors are produced in the Netherlands for whole Europe, and the milk is produced in a sustainable manner. What does that mean? They pay attention to things like: farm management to enhance the working landscape, air quality, fair and meaningful compensation for employees, supporting local businesses and charities, recreational access and waste management (recycling, reduction and re-thinking). 

Other things they work around are: reducing environmental waste, climate warming, greener freezers, partnershops, cage free eggs (!!!) and community engagement and action.

If you want to learn more and read everything more detailed, you can take a look here. Seriously, this is just amazing. When I read all this on their website, I was so happy. That such a big company doesn't only care about profits, but really wants to make a change, that is wonderful to me. Well done, Ben & Jerry's, well done. But most of all: keep doing this, it's very needed. 

I'm pretty sure you know Ben & Jerry's, but did you know they work like this and are fairtrade?

Love, Rani


  1. I didn't know that fairtrade is such an important value to them, i love to hear that! Delicious ice cream and fair trade at the same time!

  2. OMG!!!! need to taste them NOW!!!!! ❤️


  3. Ben and Jerry's is my favourite, especially Cookie Dough! What better way to cool yourself down on a hot summers day? :)


  4. It's so good that they work fairtrade! I checked the website, and they really make a big effort. And well, they are just delicious!

  5. That looks so good!! That fudge brownie is speaking to me Hahaha now I want ice cream. I didn't know they were fair trade. How cool.

  6. Mooi kleedje op de laatste foto!!! :-D

  7. Ben & Jerry's is een grote favoriet van mij! Als ik zo'n grote pot, kan ik niet stoppen met eten ervan haha.


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