July 1, 2015


The Benefit Roller Lash is one of the most 'hyped' mascaras today. So of course, I had to try it out. And I'm giving away these three cute mini Roller Lash sets on Instagram! 

The Roller Lash its purpose is to make your lashes look like you've put a roller in them. It's a curling and lifting mascara. 

The packaging is really 'Benefit': playful, happy and colorful. The main color is a pink-peachy tone. And the mascara has a 50s, retro theme. 
At first I didn't really got the shape of the tube, but it's a ROLLER - like in roller lash! Oh man, I actually had to google this. (Shame on me.) By knowing that, the casing made a lot more sense. 

Just like with the Benefit They're Real mascara (review here) there are some statistics on the box: 
"97% said it visibly lifts lashes.
87% said it gives long-lasting curl.
94% said eyes look more wide open."

The applicator is made of plastic and has a hook design. The bristles are short on top and longer on the bottom. I use the bottom to put the mascara on and the top to separate my lashes. 

benefit roller lash swatches

This mascara does give a lot of curl! I did have to use a few layers to get this effect, but that's normal. It also adds a lot of volume and length. The formula stays quite long 'wet'. And it's very easy to overdo it with such formulas. So it might be a search for the right amount when you first use it.

I definitely get where the hype comes from. It promises curl and it gives curl, among with volume and length. Does it get any better? Nope, this pretty much is the maximum a mascara can do for you.

The Roller Lash is available at Inno. Since they have an Inno close to where I live, my Benefit stash has grown a lot. Really happy they sell it!

And... don't forget the GIVEAWAY
Benefit and I are giving away three mini Roller Lash sets on my Instagram (@iamafashioneer)! That means you and two of your friends can win a bag each! The only thing you have to do is follow me (@iamafashioneer) and the Belgian Benefit account (@benefitbelgium). Then you rush to the picture on my Instagram with the little Benefit bag (see above), comment you're in and tag the two friends whom you want to share the bags with. It's that easy!

Have you already participated in the little giveaway?

Love, Rani


  1. The mascara is great! It really makes your lashes look longer. It also does make your eyes look bigger!

  2. Heel mooi effect! Ik wil hem al heel lang proberen!

  3. Leuke giveaway! Ik ben helemaal fan van Benefit, maar vind het nogal een duur merk. Ze hebben wel superleuke spulletjes.

  4. Gorgeous pictures!! :) that is a great mascara!! Benefit makes such good stuff! :) Wonderful review Rani!!

  5. Wat een toffe winactie! Ik doe zeker mee.

  6. Hey Rani, I haven't tried this one but seriously you have such great lashes to begin with! My favorite curling mascaras are Dior Iconic Overcurl and It-Lash. To be honest tho, I always use a primer (Diorshow Lash Maximizer) so most of the time my curl stays put all day! God knows how much I need that ;)

    1. I actually have the tiniest little lashes! And I really need to start using a primer too, thanks for the tip Sunny!


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