April 11, 2015


Estée Lauder has 16 new lipsticks in their range. They're called Pure Color Envy Shine Sculpting lipsticks, that's a mouthful! But they are totally worthy of their name. I'm showing you one red and two pink lipsticks, and one of the pink nailpolishes!

About the packaging: the case is made of plastic and metal, and I love how simple it looks. Simple things are often the best. On top is written 'Estée Lauder' and when you open it, again on the gold part. What I think the best thing about these casings is that they close with magnets. I've already seen that on the Zoeva lipsticks, and I think it's so handy they integrated this in the new lipsticks. Big fan of the magnets-thingy! 

The first and lightest one is no 220: Suggestive. I was looking for some lovely nudes for a long time, I tried some other brands and never found what I was looking for. I'm really happy I tried these, because this one and Pink Dragon are amazing. I put them on quite heavily here, but if you stroke them just once, it's a soft tone on your natural lipcolor. 

The second one is 430: Pink Dragon and as you can see, it's darker than Suggestive. Also a really nice color! They both just breathe "spring". Especially with the shiny finish.

The last one is Empowered, and it's a bit more 'me'. You probably have seen me wearing my lipsticks in outfitposts, and they are always dark red. It was fun to try a lighter and brighter one, and I like it! I only felt comfortable wearing dark colors, but these are so great for summer! (Excuse me for putting the lipstick on so messy.)

Swatches on the arm:
first: Suggestive
second: Empowered
third: Pink Dragon 

And there are 5 new nailpolish colors too, matching 5 of the lipsticks. This one is called Pink Dragon, and matches of course... Pink Dragon. It's also a very summery shade, and I think my little godchild will be definitely asking for this one the next time I do her nails. She loves pink, and this is the pinkest pink ever. She's going to be over the moon about this one!

With all of these summer colors that have entered my stash lately (think about Dior), I feel obligated to wear these lighter shades more often. And I will, even with pleasure, because they are beautiful. And when I want to wear a darker color, I can top them off with Empowered for a glossy finish. 

Pure Color Envy Shine Sculpting Lipstick is available at Estée Lauder for €33,11.
And the Pure Color Envy Shine Nail Lacquers for €21,74.

What do you think about the new collection (oh well, about these three)?

Love, Rani


  1. My favorite is definitely no 220: Suggestive. I really love it! Normally i don't like the look of pink lipsticks but this one is really pretty!!

  2. Love the darkest shade!

  3. those lipstick are absolutely gorgeous ! i've been loving pink lipstick recently so these are perfect x

    CLUB AVENUE / http://club-avenue.blogspot.com / instagram

  4. Ooh wauw, ze zijn echt prachtig! En zo mooi glanzend op je lippen!

  5. Oh wauwie! :D Zeker de eerste.. Zo een mooie kleur voor elke dag te dragen :D Xo

  6. These colors are really pretty, however I'm contemplating about some other colors: Surreal Sun (thinking about buying that one, but can't find lipswatches anywhere!!!!) and the difference between: Charmed, Fairest and Boudoir Baby...
    Do you have any of these and can show some lipswatches?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Jessica,
      sadly I can't help you, I only got these three colors, otherwise I would have gladly showed them to you!
      Maybe you can go to a point where they sell them, and go swatch them there?

  7. Wow, prachtige kleuren zijn het, ook die nagellak, heel mooi! Komt er ook een echte zomercollectie? met alles, oogschaduw enzo?

    1. Ik zou het eigenlijk niet weten, ik heb er in ieder geval nog niets van gehoord. Maar moest er een komen, dan hoop ik dat ik hem ook aan jullie kan laten zien! :)


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