December 9, 2014


I think everyone who reads beautyblogs and knows a bit more about make-up knows the make-up label Zoeva. But I didn't. I just stumbled on their website and fell in love with their products.

But there was one thing I was especially fond of: the vegan brush sets.
I think it's really cool that they make the effort to put together a set with only vegan brushes.
There are a lot of people who want to buy vegan products, but just can't find any. Maybe one or two brushes from a low quality company. But these are high quality vegan brushes, yay!

There are 4 packages: - Vegan brush set: with 8 brushes and a large clutch (€60)
-Vegan face set: with 6 brushes and a small clutch (€60)
- Vegan prime set: with 10 brushes and a large clutch (€75)
- Zoeva bamboo set: with 12 brushes and a travel size case (€35)

I chose the face set. 

This is what was in the package: 8 big brushes and a beautiful faux leather clutch - of course vegan as well. They figured; there are clutches for everything, why not for our brushes? Good idea! I like to put my brushes in a beautiful clutch!

It's high quality faux leather, it looks like real leather. The details are also great. For example the lining inside is hot pink; it's like the Louboutin of make-up! Inside the clutch there is another small pocket where you can put small things (bobby pins!). And when all the brushes are in the clutch, there is still room for something more like your foundation or other make-up.

The brushes come in plastic and with a card that the brushes are all looked after by... . So someone personally checked them and put them in the clutch.

The brushes all have their own name and number. On the backside is written "Color. Love. Make-up.", just like on the inside of the clutch. I love details like this. 

The first brush is the 142/ Conceiler Buffer.

106/ Powder. 

128/ Cream Cheek.

110/ Face Shape.

104/ Buffer.

102/ Silk Finish. 

I agree with, well ehm, everyone: these brushes are a dream. A lot of bloggers say that they are better than MAC or Sigma brushes. I don't use a lot of brushes, the ones I use are from MAC, Dior and Bourjois. And these are better or just as good. The brushes are also really soft, because they're synthetic.
If you can't choose between a brush like Zoeva or Dior and MAC, I would definitely go for Zoeva, because these brushes cost a fraction of the price you would give for other labels. 

You can see here that different brushes have different ways of implanting the hairs. They are not just a different shape; but also a different cut.

It's just an amazing set, for a really low price.

I'm sold. Zoeva, you have a new regular customer when it comes to brushes. I also ordered a lipstick, so that review will also be up in a bit!

Have you ever used Zoeva brushes? Or which brushes do you use?

Love, Rani


  1. The pictures are just perfect! So beautiful! And I can't wait for the lipstick

  2. Ja Zoeva is heel goed heb ik gehoord, ik ga er ook eens een paar bestellen denk ik, de mijne zijn al zo oud! :p

  3. love these brushes, can't get enough of them. Knew you were gonna like them!

  4. I have the Zoeva Rose Gold Brush set, although I possibly would have gravitated towards vegan had I realised that they do some. Good to know that they're catering for all markets!

    Sammy xo.

  5. I am not a beauty product enthusiast nor a vegan but I love this idea, I love these kinds of ideas in general. Amazing quality, animal friendly, natural and beauty related. Since I don`t really know much about brushes I will take you up on your word :) I love the idea of a brush clutch, looks really nice :)
    I would definitely be one of those people that would buy this because of the aesthetic appeal and the philosophy behind the name even if I had no use of the product.


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