November 8, 2014


As a big Rituals fan I had to try out their new line of lip care, I was so curious if it is as good as their other products.

Blue one: Rituals - Lip Service (moisture balm)
Green one: Rituals - Eve's kiss (silky lip gloss)

Discover the new Oriental Kiss-collection, a line of lip care with an oriental touch. 
The line exists of 6 different products, I got the moisture balm and silky lip gloss.

I think these packages are just lovely. Normally the packages from Rituals look a bit more minimalistic, but I can definitely dig this one. I mean, you would buy this just for the cute package, right? - I know I would.
Every lip care product has it's own color and name. 

What does the package say?
Oriental Kiss
Sublime care for kissable lips

Lip Service: Beeswax & Karité
Moisturizing lip balm: Repairs and moisturises. Long-lasting relief for dry chapped lips.

Eve's Kiss: Apple & Karité
Silky soft lip gloss: Rich, soft texture gives the lips a natural, silky, soft gloss.

They both feel very smooth, the lip balm feels a little bit thicker than the gloss. But they feel like a normal, good lip balm and lip gloss would.

It stays really long, it also stays a little bit wet (like you would expect from a lip gloss). The lip balm gets a little thicker, but also stays a bit wet.

The Eve's kiss has an apple scent/flavor and that's my favorite of the two. That apple flavor is so great to have on your lips, I love the taste! The lip balm has a normal scent, although it also smells nice.

You can see that they look very much alike on the hand or lips.
They both give a beautiful gloss, although the lip gloss has (of course) a more glossy effect than the lip balm. 

The Lip Balm and Lip Gloss are both in stores now for only €8,50.

Have you already tested a product from the new lip care line? What's your favorite Rituals product?

Love, Rani


  1. Ik zag ze vorige week liggen in de winkel, lijken me heel leuk, fijn prijsje ook!

    xx Myriam

  2. Oeh die zien er goed uit, lijken me heel fijn :)

  3. I've been looking for a good lip care product recently. The apple-scented one sounds so good!
    Steph - Nourish ME

  4. These look indeed so cute! Love that tube!

  5. Such cute packaging, I've never heard of this brand before! X

  6. Oh zo leuk, echte hebbedingetjes!

  7. Alleen al voor de verpakking wil ik ze, prachtig!

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