October 8, 2014


october musthaves

October is here again, and the beginning of my favorite season: fall. 
Fall is perfect for layering; it's still not too cold, yet time for a fall coat. I've already stocked up on some fall coats, but I'm looking for one like this: a tartan coat. I'm also still looking for the perfect fedora hat, they are always way too big (or maybe I'm just too small).
And the hunt for this perfect umbrella from Kate Spade begins! 

What are your October musthaves?

Love, Rani


  1. That satchel is gorgeous, lovely list! x

    Fabi | www.halfwaytonewyork.blogspot.com.mx

  2. Zo een jas zou echt mooi zijn bij u!

  3. Ooooh you have gooood style, which I am judging based on the fact that I want all these things and all of your badass outfits. I've been looking for an umbrella like that for so long I might have to buy it.

    belle + compass

  4. Absolutely love the H&M sweater!
    - Grace


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