September 8, 2014


In this post I give you a peek into my room, and meet my little roommate: Mare!

Especially a big thank you to Kähler.

Welcome to my room!
Last year we changed my room, because I needed a bigger closet and because I still had my 'teenage' room. I went for a clean, white, minimal look.

What I absolutely love about my interior are the Kähler accents. Kähler is an amazing Danish design label, and they are so typical scandinavian. I love how the pastels bring a touch of color into my room. For example the piece in front of my window, it's called Fiducia. It's one piece that you can arrange any way you like it, the vases are kept together by magnets, how amazing is that?

Some people might think my room is too white, but that's just how I like it. It's so peaceful and calm. (And I actually just really like white.) 
What I'm still looking for is a big piece of art for above my bed. I have this big white piece in my mind, with a lot of different textures. Can't say I have ever seen one like that, but if you find one, let me know!
Oh, and did you know my little roommate has also an Instagram? You can follow him at @marethebunny!

What do you think of my room?

Love, Rani


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  2. This is literally my dream room! Everything about it is so perfect. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't incredibly jealous haha! x

  3. I love that striped Kähler jar! The room is just perfect, the white interior is really calming and aesthetic.

  4. Wow...*shocked face* This is exactly how my ideal bedroom would be like. I'm a fan of white, also. It has a calming element.

  5. LOVE IT! I really believe that whether you want color or no color, a bedroom needs to give off a peaceful vibe. If you go in there are get stressed out how would you ever sleep?! I really like your candle holders by the way.
    I also just checked out Mare's instagram and am now dying from the cuteness of it all!
    :) Alice

  6. Very nice interior!! And that bunny is sooooooo cute!!

    love, Turn it inside out

  7. Wow! Your room is so pretty. I love all the white, it makes it look so bright and fresh :) I know now how I'll be redecorating my room next time haha :P xx

  8. Heel erg mooi! Heel clean! Ik zou alleen zelf wat meer kleur toevoegen, ik vind hem net iets te wit!

  9. Mooie kamer!
    Schattig konijntje!

    Eva ♥

  10. zot mooi! neutraal, maar toch stijlvol

  11. I love how minimalistic your room looks. That's what I strive for!!!

  12. Ik vind het echt heel erg mooi!
    x Manon

  13. Superleuk! Mooie site heb je ook:)

  14. Oh, wat een leuke kamer! Ik vind het niet te wit, maar hey, ik hou ook erg van wit haha! Het ziet er echt mooi uit, vind ik. En wat ben ik jaloers op je konijntje! Hij is zoooo lief! Ik wil ook echt een konijn maar mijn kat zou zot worden, denk ik haha!

  15. I love your bunny! And your room!! I love all-white bedrooms... so jealous! :D


  16. Aaaahh wat een mooie smaak heb jij! Ik ben 3,5 jaar geleden op mijzelf gaan wonen en ben mijn interieur eigenlijk al zat. Ik sla deze post op als inspiratie! Love it!!

  17. Your room is soo beautiful i love it! i love the white.

  18. Je kamer is echt heel mooi! Past helemaal bij je blog! En ik ga je kamergenootje meteen volgen op instagram!

  19. Wat een prachtige foto's! Je kamer is heel mooi

  20. Your room looks amazing, ben je gelijk gaan volgen (:

  21. LOVE this! Simple really is the way to go :) Great post!

    XOXO Shea L. --------->

  22. What a beautiful and clean room!
    And Mare is such a cutie. :o)


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