April 9, 2013


I really should stop buying shoes.
My room is filled with shoes, everywhere. 
Because my shoecloset is overcrowded there are shoes under my bed, shoes on the table, shoes simply everywhere.
And still I keep buying shoes.
But I've got good reasons for all of them!
These are the 4 pairs I bought this month.

Vans x Kenzo

Really, who could resist this shoe collaboration?
Vans, comfy and casual, combine that with a Kenzo design and I was sold.
And so were the shoes.
I like the leopard-ish/paint spots.

I can see myself wearing them in summer (if it's ever going to be summer here) with a cut-off pair of shorts.

Next on: workout shoes by Nike

Every girl needs workout shoes right?
A workout is so much more fun with the right clothes and shoes.
I was thinking about buying Nike Free's but since they cost me an arm I decided to take a cheaper model.
Grey with red accents, goes with everything.

Okay, this pair I didn't really need, but they're so cute (and so cheap!).
Coral sandals!
Great for summertimes, freshens up every outfit!

Last pair: wedges from ZARA.
I bought these in Paris (as you can see here and here).
And they are absolutely amazing, it's been long since I've got such comfortable shoes.
I would wear these every day.

Tomorrow's post: which shoes do we want next (or need!)
Tip: Cut out!

Love, Rani

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