April 10, 2013

Head over boots for cut out.

As I've told yesterday here's the cut out post!
Ever since the Balenciaga cut out boots I've been head over boots for cut out boots!
I'm also a fan of biker boots (which I wore constantly throughout this winter), and thank god, then Balenciaga came with these cut out boots. 
Now I've got an alternative for my winter-biker boots, cut out boots for summer!

As you would expect these boots are not cheap, so I've listed some alternatives for you!

These boots are from Jeffrey Campbell and cost around 195 USD. 
They're quite a good "rip-off", they look very similar.

This one isn't similar to the Balenciaga boots but they are gorgeous.
"Underground Suede Snake Creeper Boot", with a name like that you know what to expect.
You can get these at Urban Outfitters (around 221 USD).

Then I've got these black and gold booties: Roscoe cut out boot (248 USD)

And if you still think that is too much, I've got these booties from New Look for you, only € 79.99.

Which one would you pick?

Love, Rani

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  1. Love the shoes! I am your new follower on bloglovin'..feel free to do the same :-)



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