August 3, 2015


Today I'm showing you a Benefit cult product: the Porefessional! 

Benefit always has original packagings. They can even make a pore balm look great. The box looks like an action figure box. How original is that? She even comes with a pore-zapping ray gun! The tube itself is -like the box- in a striped, light turquoise color. 

The Porefessional is, of course, a balm that minimizes pores. But next to that it also has some other purposes: mattifying shininess, priming the skin for make-up and smoothing the skin. The reason I wanted to try this out is to cover some fine lines. 

You can use it under your make-up on moisturized skin. Just focus on the problem areas and blend it out with your fingertips. But you can also use it over your make-up, then you better pat it on and blend again.

The Porefessional has such a lovely texture. At first it's a tinted balm like you see on the swatch, but when you pat it in, it becomes very powdery. There is a mix of various silicons in this balm, because the Porefessional fills little holes in the skin. 

It feels very pleasant, and you only need a little bit to cover fine lines. It covered mine very well, and mattified the shiny spots. It also is a great make-up primer for those places, my foundation stayed much longer. (Foundation and oily spots do not go together.)

There is also a little manual with some tips and tricks included, which always comes in handy with products like these. 

Benefit - Porefessional (€33 - available at Inno)

I'm pleased with the results of my Porefessional. It does a lot for me: priming, mattifying and covering fine lines. That's quite a lot for one little tube!

Have you ever tried a Benefit product?

Love, Rani


  1. i can't believe i still haven't tried this, it sounds incredible!

    CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

  2. That's such a fun packaging! So cool!

  3. Ik moet hem echt eens gaan proberen, zoveel goeds over gehoord!

  4. I love Benefit! But i haven't tried this one yet, I should definitely try it!

  5. Damn it, mss toch maar eens proberen. Ik hoor zoveel verschillende meningen hierover :D

  6. Ik ben nog nooit een Benefit product gekocht maar heb een paar keer getwijfeld om de Porefessional te kopen! Na jouw review ga ik het er toch eens op wagen.

    x Karen

  7. Ik heb deze al uitgeprobeerd op een Benefit workshop en vond deze erg fijn! Onlangs heb ik ook nog een staaltje ervan gekregen, zeker dat ik deze dus ga uitproberen!


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