July 27, 2015


It just keeps raining new discoveries here. Today a brand that I'm pretty sure you've never heard of: Zenology. 

Zenology is an indie lifestyle company committed to bringing hotel luxury to your home, making luxurious beauty and lifestyle products that nourish the skin, glam up an interior or yourself, all with care for the environment.

Eco-friendly companies always get a few point extra from me, they at least try to do something. Sustainability is so important, I wish all companies would be aware of this and make an effort.

I'm not the biggest fan of the bottle, I personally am more of a glass-bottle kind of person. The bottle does have that indie vibe though, it matches the brand and their style. It also has a pump, which is so easy to use while in the shower.

About the formula:
Most of the ingredients are from renewable sources. There are no skin/environmental-unfriendly ingredients, nor allergenic or artificial colorings. What more? No petrolatum, mineral oil, animal ingredients, parabens and solvents.
What is in it then? Good stuff like aloe vera and vitamin e and c.

The scent of the cleansing wash is black tea/camellia sinensis. It smells so, so good. It also smells really familiar, I just know I had a product that had a scent that smelled very comparable, but I can't remember what it was. (We've been thinking about this for a week, it's driving us crazy, really.)

It was also great to use. Gave a nice foam, rinsed off well. A good cleansing wash!

The founder of Zenology is Jeroen Oude Sogtoen, he also is the co-founder of another brand: Mona di Orio. I got my hands on some samples, and the fragrances are all so original. Definitely not your ordinary perfume.

Zenology - Cleansing Body Wash (€39 for 500ml)

Zenology = approved!
The price may seem a bit much, but a little goes a long way. I'm guessing it will be a few months before you run out on this giant bottle.

Have you ever heard about Zenology before?

Love, Rani


  1. I didn't know the brand, but it looks really cool! I like the bottle and I really like it when a company tries to be eco-friendly.

  2. Fles ziet er mooi uit!


  3. I love getting to know new brands, this looks promising :-)

  4. this is the first time I heard f them. sounds great!!! Gorgeous pictures!

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  6. Excellent product. Got a small spray to try it.. Smells great refreshing and the hold is strong with no flaking. I have a sensitive scalp and this product is easy on my hair. USE IT!! (BLACKWOOD FOR MEN)


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