July 19, 2015


Recently a new Primark store opened very close to where I live, in Hasselt. That meant shopping of course, and today I'm showing you some pieces I picked up. You would be surprised how many monochrome, minimalist pieces Primark has!

This was the first item that went into my bag: a long, black coat. And it was love at first sight, mainly because it only costs 20 euro. Can you believe it? A coat for €20? 

This semi-sheer top stole my heart too. It has a straight cut and the back is a bit longer. For only €12 I could not resist it.

This jacket is pure love. My boyfriend has it in a winter and longer version from Zara, and I was really happy with this catch. I already wore it in an outfitpost: click here. (€25)

What I wore in that same outfit was this little clutch. You can use it as a clutch, like I do, but it also has a black strap with a gold chain. Very pretty! This was €8.

This is something I bought with my eye on the upcoming festivals. It's perfect to wear over your top if you're not into bare arms like I am. This one was on sale for only €5, ridiculous price!

Stripes are a print that I usually don't wear, but this T-shirt looked so cute with the sheer back. Simple, but the different fabrics make it very original. (€12)

This last piece is a vest that you can wear on anything. On a dress, pants,... It's something you just throw on and it gives an instantly chic vibe to the outfit. (€18)

So monochrome shopping at Primark can be a big succes! I'm very happy with these pieces, and outfits will follow soon. Primark also has a variety of candles and homewear.

The store in Hasselt is very big, and it can be a bit overwhelming when you enter it for the first time. But look closely and you will find the perfect additions to your closet.

What is your favorite piece?

Love, Rani


  1. Oooh een zwarte kaars! Me loves it!

  2. Love the black coat. :) You got some really nice pieces!!! Great haul!

  3. Ik kijk al uit naar de opening in Gent! :D Echt leuke items allemaal, vooral van dat tasje en de eerste jas ben ik echt fan!
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  4. I love the coat! And Primark has such pretty candles!

  5. De witte top en de tas zijn mijn favorieten, ik ben ook pas naar Primark in hasselt geweest en hij is inderdaad even overweldigend. Ik heb wel twee zakken kledij gescoort!

    xx Hanne

  6. Superleuke post zo'n shoplog! Meer van dat! En die blazer-jas is supermooi en goedkoop, wauw!


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