April 22, 2015


Giorgio Armani has something new in their beauty collection: eye tints! I was very excited to try these out!

Let's talk about the packages. Does the tube remind you of something? It does look like lipgloss, no? Well, even the applicators looks like they're from a lipgloss! Very original. I also like the simplicity: grey top, logo in the middle and a see-through bottom, so it's the color of the eye tint itself. Simple!

The colors I have are Cold Copper - Minuit and Onyx (from the top to bottom on the swatches). And they are all so different! I love metallic colors, so these are heaven for me. 
The gold one is beautiful, perfect for a party, but even to bring a little glam in your everyday life. The name is Cold Copper (no 9) and I'm a fan! I wore it with a little bit of black eyeliner. Perfect combo!

The khaki-brown eye tint, named Onyx (no 5), is a little more bold and daring. Khaki metallic eyes? Seems like a challenge, and I'll take it! I would also wear this one with a little stripe of eyeliner.

And the last and my favorite one is Minuit (no 2), the perfect shade of blue. I wore it yesterday, and I quickly shot some pictures with my iPhone to give you an idea of how they look on the eyes. I love this tint so much!

You can use it 'thick' like I did, or you can go for a thin layer and blend it out. Like a powder eyeshadow. I was a bit scared because I thought the applicator was going to be too big and not handy, but you can work very precisely with it.

I'm also wearing my new Black Ecstasy mascara on the picture and it lengthens, but most of all curls my lashes. You won't probably see much on the picture, because my eyelashes are really short and so non-curly. But I do notice the difference. 
The package is also simple again, straight and black with the logo. But with a lovely touch - the red color of the applicator. 

(Candles are from Cocolux.)

I'm pretty enthusiastic about these eye tints. The applicator is really easy to use (just like putting on lip gloss), and the liquid eyeshadow goes on very smooth. I love the shimmers and metallic look. And your eyelook is finished so quick! I need a black one to use for those early out of bed mornings, when you have no time or you just don't feel like putting on your make-up. A quick sweep and your eyes are perfectly done, so easy!

The eye tints are available in 12 different colors and for the price of €32.

What do you think about these eye tints? Which one is your favorite?

Love, Rani


  1. Lovely post and great pictures! I really love the Minuit, it's such a beautiful color!

  2. ik vind de kaki net de mooiste! Ziet er superhandig uit.
    x Katrien

  3. Beautiful pictures!! I love Minuit ! :)

  4. Oh my god, die lijken mij keihandig!! Ik wil er!

  5. Wauw, ze zijn zo mooi! Net als de fotootjes!
    Liefs Iep

  6. I WANT THEM ALL *heavy breathing* - Hahaha, nee :D maar ze zien er inderdaad echt super uit! Perfect voor op de wishlist ;)! Prachtige foto's!

    Bisous Shannen x (coeurbelgique.blogspot.be)

  7. The cold copper is my favorite! Definitely going to try that one!

  8. Your pictures are just gorgeous and i like the colors of those eye tints. Great post! xx


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