April 19, 2015


If you're a beautylover you've probably heard about Douglas. Douglas sells all kinds of cosmetics, but they recently (only two weeks ago) launched their own line of make-up! After I got a question about it, I just had to review some of the products. 
So sit back, and discover this new brand!

I had my hands full with reviewing these, a lot of different products!

Let's start with the base: the foundation. They have a lot of different ones, fluid, powder and mousse. But I got a fluid one: no 2 beige. I hadn't used one in years, because I never found one that I liked, and I only use some mattifying powder now.
But I actually like this foundation, it's like you're not even wearing any. It also is exactly my color, so I couldn't even tell which spots I did and which I forgot. And it's very matte - that's what most people look for in a good foundation. So yes, this one is really good!

As swatch: this is one pump. But you can pump the amount you want, it's easy to use. You're not just limited to one pump, two pumps, you can go for a tiny bit of a pump if you want. No wasting precious foundation!

Next over to the lipstick. Again a matte (my favorite lipsticks), and a red one (also yay!). I like this one, it's a soft matte, not too 'in your face' like most mattes are. It also depends on the color I think, this is no 1: Joli Rose, a soft red color. I haven't been able to test how long it stays unfortunately, but I really like the formula. It' very creamy for a matte and it doesn't dry my lips out (like some mattes do). I'm happy I welcomed this little one into my lipstick collection, and I'm pretty sure other colors will follow soon...

The third product I tried is this eyeshadow base. I never used one, because I also (almost) never use eyeshadow. I just go with my eyeliner, and that's it. The base leaves a soft almost not noticable beige tone on your eyes. And after applying eyeshadow the eyeshadow seems a little bit more pigmented than on the bare eyelid. There are probably a lot of you who use this everyday, but I probably won't use it again so often. Since I'll just stick to the eyeliner. Well, maybe I'll use it for a party, to brighten up my look. 

Look at how cute this blush is! Ah, that package! 
The cream blush is super pigmented, when you stroke it gently you get the lowest swatch. Woah! Too bright for me! Luckily it blends very easy, so you can choose how you want it to look like. I probably should have went for a orangy color, because pink does NOT fit me. It simply does not.

The aquarelle powder for the eyes. 
A lot of different colors which you can use solo, or you can mix them up. For my look (see below), I used the brownest color mixed with the gold one. They all are shimmery as you can see. The first two are pigmented fine, the last two not so as the above.

Of course, you don't have a beauty-line without mascara. This one is the Boom Eyes Mascara, and I immediatly noticed it gave me a lot of length. I now use Le Volume by Chanel and it gives volume, but not so much length. I should start using these two together, that would give a great effect. 

Okay, you know me and you know my minimal style. Pink pearls on the nails is not something I would wear, but my godchild is going to be so happy with this! I always do her nails, and she follows some nail-art instagrams. She thinks it's all so pretty and fascinating, so I can already imagine her smily face when I do her nails with this! 

Ah, the aquarelle powder palette. 
This palette is so versatile, you can use it all over your face. It's a highlighter, bronzer and even a blush. For functionality a 10, definitely. The powders aren't really higly pigmented, which is good for a bronzer and highlighter. But even as a blush (I used it as blush), it gives off a nice color.
The powder however is really loose, so when you use it it all comes off, that's a bit sad.

And last but not least, the kayal. I used it as an eyeliner, but is works best when faded. Like for smokey eyes the kayal would be perfect. But it works for most styles, thick black lines, thinner lines, wings,...

And here is the - literally - ready-in-5-minutes look. So excuse the bad application, I wanted to show you how the make-up looks in person, but had so little time. (Exams.)
I'm wearing the lipstick, the aquarelle eyeshadow powder (gold and brown), the aquarelle powder (big one) as a blush (all the colors), the kayal as eyeliner, the mascara and of course the foundation. 
My favorites are the foundation, lipstick and kayal. 

This collection is available at Douglas, and the prices are: Lipstick - €12.95 / Aquarelle eyeshadow - €14.95 / Aquarelle powder - €19.95 / Kayal - €9.95 / Foundation - €19.95 / Nail pearls - €6.95 / Blush - €12.95 / Eye base - €7.95 / Mascara - €12.95.

What do you think about the Douglas collection? 

Love, Rani


  1. Best wel nog mooie verpakkingen! Ook de producten zelf zijn nog behoorlijk goed! Zal er eens wat dichter naar gaan kijken als ik nog eens over de landsgrens ben! Love the winged liner on you though!

  2. Wat een mooie spulletjes! Ik vind de verpakking inderdaad ook best geslaagd!

  3. Het ziet er heel erg mooi uit! De verpakkingen inderdaad ook!
    Fijne kleurtjes!
    Het staat je prachtig!
    Liefs Iep

  4. Die lippenstift is echt supermooi! Echt een mooie kleur! De rest van de producten zijn ook heel tof. Zeker die aquarelle poeders!

  5. Super mooie foto's! En inderdaad best nog wel mooie verpakkingen! Zeer interessant inderdaad, mijn bankrekening is al aan het huilen...


  6. Omg!! Die blush en gezichtspoeder 😍😍 Moet ik hebben!!! Xo

  7. Oh my god that blush is too cute!! I love foundation that has a pump bottle so much easier. And I adore the pink pearls!! You look bea

  8. Wauw stuk voor stuk echt prachtig en wat een onwijs mooie foto's ♥

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