March 19, 2015


Metal Egg, Big Egg Box, and Bunny - Neuhaus (buy here)

It's almost Easter! 
And I loooove holidays. Spending the day with family while munching the whole day on the food my mom prepared, there's nothing better than that. 
I'm definitely in the easter mood, and Neuhaus is too. 
They have a big Easter collection with metal eggs, big boxes filled with chocolates, big chocolate bells and even cute little bunny boxes. The Easter collection is beautiful ànd delicious!
I have the metal egg (Which is really stunning, and I even placed it on my coffeetable!), the big egg box and a pink bunny. The metal egg and bunny are filled with Easter eggs, in all kinds of flavors.
The big egg is filled with all kinds of different chocolates - heaven!
I guess the pictures speak for themselves: this collection looks (and tastes) great.

Do you already got your Easter eggs? Which ones are your favorites? (Mine are the fully white ones!)

Love, Rani


  1. Whoaa dat ziet er goed uit! Ik ben zo een chocolade freak de laatste tijd :D

    love, Turn it inside out

  2. Oh this post is so bad for my diet! These look super yummy though and would make a perfect gift too. Give me any white chocolate Easter egg any day :) xx


  3. Oh wauw wat een mooie dingen! Ik moet er dringend eens langs gaan denk ik!

  4. Those pictures are gorgeous, as always! You are talented!


  5. Die foto's zijn echt zo mooi! En die pralines lijken me echt super lekker!

  6. aaaaah, zoo lekker allemaal!


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