March 5, 2015


This year I surprised my boyfriend (slash fiancé) with a very cheesy gift: an iPhone 6 cover.
Just an iPhone cover? No, not just a cover but a cover with pictures of us and some great moments and memories. 

iPhone 5S case - Casetify (buy here) || iPhone 6 cover - Casetify (custom made)

What's on the cover?
Our first trip to Paris, our second trip to Paris, our third trip to Paris, and our trip to Disneyland Paris.
Okay, we've been there a lot. A lot.
But also our prom, other trips we did, even our halloween costumes!

I made the case with Casetify, and it's really easy: just drop your pictures on the case. And ready!
I ordered two days before Valentine's day (which is obviously a bit late), and I got the cases three weeks later. So a (very?) late valentine's gift!

I also got one for myself, which I just ordered (ready) at the store. Classic me: white, black, ocean.

Do you like these? What's your phone cover at the moment?

Love, Rani


  1. I love the case, thanks for the awesome gift! You're the best girlfriend i could ask for !!! And your case looks really good!

  2. That ocean case looks good! Minimalistic, I like! The custom made one is a really cute gift x Liesje

  3. Love them both! I knew them from Instagram, looks good

  4. Oh, I wanted one with marble, but now I know where to order one!


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