January 19, 2015


I'm a big lipstick addict, I wear it every single day.
And mostly I wear red lipstick, so I wanted to review one of my new ones: the darkest red one (cooling passion) of the Zoeva luxe cream lipsticks.

The package is minimalistic: a (slightly shiny) grey box. 
Also the casing is grey and made of metal. 
The lipstick case has magnets which keeps the two parts together - love that! It clicks together, and you'll never have lipstick smeared all over your bag because it opened. (Big yay!)

The colour is a bold red one. I normally wear dark red lipstick, so this one is a change for me.
But I do like the colour, it's different from what I usually put on, but it looks lovely.
It's a mat lipstick, and it doesn't have any shimmers. 

It's a smooth lipstick, and not sticky. 
It doesn't completely dry like a mat lipstick, it stays a little bit wet.

Oh, and this lipstick has a scent! It smells like roses.

The stay of this lipstick is really good. For example: when you drink, you still have your red lips. 
(And I couldn't get the swatches of my arm haha!)


For me, this one is a lipstick I will wear to a party, it's a bit too red for everyday use.
The lipstick can be ordered here and costs €8,50.

What do you think about this lipstick? 

Love, Rani


  1. It looks really good! Can't wait for you to wear it!

  2. This looks gorgeous! The shade looks a lot like my hourglass lipstick which I love!

  3. lovely review, I use one of the pink ones!

  4. Gorgeous color, I love this shade of red - Vanja

  5. I was wondering about these lipsticks, thanks for the review! So helpful, and definitely ordering :-)


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