January 5, 2015


Shirt - Kuyichi (buy here) || Blazer - New Yorker || Skirt - H&M || Bag and Shoes - ZARA || Sunglasses - Céline

"We do not inherit the world from our parents, we borrow it from our children."

I'm wearing my new favorite shirt from Kuyichi.
Kuyichi is a special label, because it stands for sustainable fashion. They (and I) are convinced we can look great and be good at the same time. 
The shirt is made from organic cotton. The big difference is that this cotton is 100% pesticide free. Pesticides pollute soil and water, killing wildlife and harming communities. Creating organic cotton yarn can reduce CO2 emissions by 60% compared to conventional cotton. It has the same soft, rich feel as regular cotton and often has an even higher quality. 
So a big yay for this shirt!

I'm also wearing a new blazer from New Yorker, oh and you can still win 100 euro shopping money from New Yorker! (Click here)

What do you think about this outfit? And how do you think about sustainable fashion?

Love, Rani


  1. That shirt looks so good! And it's great that the shirt is 100% organic, there should be more of these great labels that stand for sustainability

  2. Awesome outfit! Why don't other labels do the same??!

  3. wow, amazing! I always thought that there aren't any good-looking "organic" clothing labels, but I checked their website and they have some amazing stuff!
    Thanks for sharing babe!

    x Tee

  4. Love your top! Very cute!


  5. AND your are still looking good!! very stylish look :-)

    New post on Le Blog : ' LEVITATION '
    Greets Jon

  6. I looooove that bag!!! Do you remember where you got it from?

  7. that shirt is so beautiful, how does it feel?

  8. I think sustainable fashion is so important and it is amazing that you are talking about! So often people don't think about where their clothes are from and I think talking about this sort of thing is great :) Lovely post and amazing outfit!
    - C
    Claudine Converses

  9. I was already following you on Instagram..But I've never had a look on your blog...and I love it!!!
    you have a great style dear!!!
    can't wait for the next post ;)

    have a nice day


  10. I love this outfit so much, and knowing that the label is so green makes it even better!


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