January 30, 2015


Untitled L'eau, or why I seriously am in love with Maison Margiela.

What defines Maison Martin Margiela is that it's different. Different in all ways. Different because Martin never showed himself at his shows, different because he made dresses and coats out of blankets and old gloves. Different because his perfumes aren't perfumes but memories.
Each of the fragrances is a memorie. A memorie of a walk on the beach, a funfair evening, a sunday morning in bed. The replica collection is a reproduction of familiar scents and moments of varying locations and periods.

My favorite scent is from a different collection, and doesn't even have or need a name. Say 'Untitled L'eau' and everyone knows what you are talking about. Bright and fresh notes reminiscent of crushed leaves (mint, galbanum) and the sparkle of citrus zest (mandarin and Sicilian lemon).

Untitled smells special. 

The only thing I could say more is that I wear it every single day. It became my signature scent, and I absolutely love it.

Do you know this perfume or any others of Maison Margiela? 

Love, Rani


  1. This perfume is just perfect for you! i love it so much!

  2. it looks great, I love Margiela, and want to smell this one!

  3. absolutelly want to try it!!!!!
    have a nice day ❤️


  4. Didn't know this one, I thought there only was the replica collection, this one sounds so good!

    xx Fientje xx

  5. Your pictures are always so pretty, I love it!
    And the perfume seems so good!

  6. great post, I love what you wrote about it x Cé


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