November 25, 2014



Maybe I'm a bit early, but my family has already asked (for about 200 times) what I want for Christmas. 
And each year I find it so difficult to make a wishlist. I thought I share mine with you, maybe you will get some ideas what to ask yourself, or gift to someone.
About that gift: I have a -15% discount code for you to order a Daniel Wellington watch!

There are 3 things that I really want. A Proenza Schouler PS 11 mini, a new Daniel Wellington watch and some fashion books.
The first one I will never get, but I still put it on my wishlist (because I really wish for it, sigh).

The second one I have already ordered! I already own a silver Daniel Wellington with a blue nato-strap, but I really wanted another one in gold. I think they make the perfect thing to ask for, but also to give. It's a classy gift.
And I have good news, because I have a code which will give you -15% discount if you order one on the website (here)!
The code you need to enter is: holidayfashioneer. The code will expire on 31 december.
Oh, and did you know that Daniel Wellington ships free worldwide? Classy watches come with classy services!

The third thing I really want are some good books.
Not for reading, but some good inspirational fashion books.
I think this is probably what I will get this year.

Oh, another thing that is great for gifting are some good candles (like from Diptyque) perfect for your interior, but they also smell amazing.

daniel wellington

Did I help you with your own wishlist? Or with what to buy of someone else? At least you now know where to get a beautiful watch with discount. ;)

Love, Rani


  1. thank you for that discount code! It's a great gift for my boyfriend!

  2. all really good ideas, i would love to have a chanel book <3

  3. that bag and those watches - in love!

  4. I would love to have the PS11, looks like the perfect bag for any outfit! xx

    Fabi |

  5. A DW watch is on my wishlist too!

  6. Oh now I finally know what to buy you for christmas! By the way you can always buy me a Daniel Wellington!

  7. i love daniel wellington! so sophisticated!


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