November 23, 2014


(Photos from my Instagram - follow here)

iPhone case, iPod touch case and MacBook Air skin - || Sunglasses - Céline via SmartBuyGlasses (buy here)

Okay, I admit it. I went a bit out of control with my marble obsession when I found out about Case App
Case App is a website where you can design your own cases and skins. 
What meant for me: going marble crazy! 

A lot of people saw my cases already on Instagram (follow me here) and asked me where they are from and which photos I used.

iPhone case: here you can get the iPhone and iPod touch cases and these (1 and 2) are the photos I used for mine. 
MacBook Air skin: here you can get the MacBook skin and this is the photo I used for mine. 

What do you think about my cases? What kind of case would you make?

Love, Rani


  1. Very beautiful cases! But i think the MacBook skin is the best!

  2. Love the marble cases, especially the laptop! The new trend in styling your electronics :)

    Xo Aubrie

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  3. They are all gorgeous, i need to check out caseapp!!!

  4. your cases and instagram are both amazing :) x

  5. need to order a macbook skin !

  6. Uh I love your posts so much, your blog is the best

    x Sophie VD

  7. You can get the marble skin from they have better quality as my previous skin from caseapp left residue.

  8. The marbled iPhone cases are my favorite!


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