October 11, 2014


Yay for this outfit, I own this jumpsuit in black!

All pictures from Vogue.com

Normally there are some unwritten rules about what to wear to fashion week.

In New York we are preppy.
In London we are relaxed.
In Milan we are colorful and feminine.
In Paris we are monochrome, but we may also pull out our feather skirts.

I was really surprised when I saw all of the street style this fashion month, it looks like everyone ignored the 'rules' and just picked out the most colorful clothes they own.

I'm not really a big fan of colorful outfits, but some are gorgeous. However I'm a little sad that there aren't many minimalistic looks this time.

What would you wear to fashion week?

Love, Rani


  1. Ooh I love some of these looks, it's cool that people were going a little bit outside the box to what was expected!

    Jade x
    jadethejourno.blogspot.co.uk ♡

  2. Now that you say it... it's true! Weird!


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