September 2, 2014


And finally: the first complete fall look!

Faux peacock vest - Modehemel (buy here) || Faux leather pants - ZARA || Bag - Modehemel (buy here) || Sunglasses - Modehemel || Boots - H&M (in stores now)

I'm already buying and wearing fall clothes, the weather has been bad for weeks, but today it was sunny, just when we were going to shoot this fall look, oh the irony! ;)
Most of the items I'm wearing are from Modehemel, a Belgian webshop. They have such original clothing and accessories, you can even buy your polaroid there. And that's what I love about them, the original items.

What do you think of this fall look?

Love, Rani


  1. I love this look, so strong, and simple!
    XOX, Gap.

  2. I really like the detail on the collar and how the vest makes it possible to keep wearing the sheer tops of summer.
    :) Alice

  3. Wat een super leuk vestje! Ik volg je nu :)

  4. Modehemel is leuk zeg! Kende hen nog niet!

  5. VERY nice outfit! and haha I love the bag!



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