August 22, 2014


Eenie meenie tiny outfitpost today, I actually just wanted to show this marble print t-shirt. I love marble. I love marble design, I love marble printed clothes, I love how marble feels and how calm and fragile it looks.
In contrary to these pants, this tee is great quality (viscose-polyester-spandex). These Zara pants are a little disappointment, I only wore them 2 times, and they already are saggy and they look worn off. 

My love for Australian designers has blossomed since I discovered Jaggar. Thanks to the team (especially Emma, thank you Emma!) of Australian Fashion Labels, I have discovered some other labels like Cameo for example. I now look way too often if there are any new arrivals at Fashion Bunker

Do you know any Australian labels? What do you think about this marble tee? 

Love, Rani

Marble print tee - JAGGAR (buy here) || Pants - ZARA (now in stores) || Necklace - H.M.B.D. || Blazer - H&M 

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